basanez 1 decade ago

All the big fantasy football sites have trading blocks now. it is cool to just click and see the players who are availible for trades instead of finding the team owners and asking them or sending a ton of worthless trade offers. With a trading block, you see who the owner wants to trade and what he needs so that you can make more efficient trade offers.

SuperDave123 7 years ago

can you remove and/or play a player at any time or do you have to wait for them to be traded

rangerdave 7 years ago

--You can remove or play a player from the trading block at any time.

--You can cancel a proposed trade that has yet to be accepted at any time, and play a player from a proposed trade that has yet to be accepted.

--Once a trade has been accepted, but has yet to be processed, you cannot cancel the trade. You can play a player from that trade that is currently on your roster as long as the trade is scheduled to be processed after that player's game, but you cannot play a player that is not yet on your roster until the trade is processed.