Ken_Collier 3 years ago

New to Fleaflicker, just finalized all settings for our new league and had just one thought so far on enhancements. I'm not a fan of the Lock Recently added preventing players from being dropped. I am afraid it will hamstring a team into keeping the player where they may need to scramble due to last minute injuries. I would rather monitor this myself for abuse of picking up and dropping players, and decided to set this to No.

What would be a great option is to allow the option if a player is picked up and dropped within X period of time (maybe 24-48 hours) that the player becomes a free agent instead of going on waivers.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Hi Ken,

Welcome to Fleaflicker. It's a good suggestion. This section may help:

We'll take your request in mind.

Stoffel 1 year ago

Yes I would love this option as well. ESPN just makes those players free agents if not kept on rosters for more than 24 hours.