Waivers explained and demystified with detailed examples.

What types of waivers does Fleaflicker offer?

Fleaflicker offers both the traditional waiver priority and the blind bid auction format (also known as the free agent acquisition budget or FAAB).

What time are waiver claims processed?

Claims for dropped players are processed all day. Claims for game-start free agents must be in by 5:00 AM ET. After 8:00 AM ET, all remaining free agents will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. From 5:00 AM ET - 8:00 AM ET, the system will process waiver claims.

Why are waivers used?

Waiver claim systems exist to ensure everyone has fair access to newly released players and free agents. Without a waiver system in place, free agents are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Many leagues find such a system unfair because not everyone has readily available Internet access. For example, owners that work at a computer all day are at an unfair advantage—they have a good chance of being the first to add a free agent.

How do players end up on waivers?

There are two main ways a player can end up on waivers. Both are optional and can be configured by the commish from the League >> Settings >> Edit Waiver Wire Rules page.

  1. An owned player is placed on waivers if they are dropped from the owner's roster, becoming a free agent.
  2. A free agent player is placed on waivers when that player's real game begins.

Example 1: Drop-Claim Waivers

Matt Ryan is dropped by a team in your league on Thursday. No team will be able to add Ryan without first going through the claim system. Ryan is placed on waivers for 24 hours (or 48 hours, depending on league settings). After that time, Fleaflicker automatically processes all claims for Ryan and awards him to the team with the best waiver position.

If nobody claims Ryan, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. (Why is this done? The NFL and most professional sports leagues have a similar rule in place. Just because Ryan is released by one team doesn't mean he has no value to the rest of the league. If you can't get to a computer immediately, you will miss out on signing Ryan, and that is unfair.)

Example 2: Game-Start Waivers

Ben Tate is an unrestricted free agent and is playing on Sunday at 4:25 PM ET. After 4:25 PM ET, Tate will automatically be placed on waivers. Teams wishing to add him to their roster must submit a claim for him. All claims are processed during the league's kickoff waiver processing day (Wed, Thurs, Fri, or Sat, depending on league settings).

If nobody claims Tate during that time, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. (Why is this done? Imagine starter Arian Foster gets injured during the 4 PM game. Tate's value instantly skyrockets. If you can't get to a computer immediately, you will miss out on signing Tate, and that is unfair.)

When can players on waivers be claimed?

All owners must go through the claim system. Claims for dropped players are processed continuously. Claims for free agents on game-start waivers are processed within a certain time period depending on when their actual game takes place. You can hover over the player's status to see when they unlock. In both cases, Fleaflicker will automatically process your league's claims.

How is waiver ranking determined?

Leagues that have waiver claims award waivers based on reverse ranking (for example: in a 12-team league, the team ranked 12th will be awarded the top waiver position).

What happens if more than one team tries to claim a player?

The team with the better waiver position will be awarded the player (usually waiver position is determined by power/playoff rank, which is shown on the league standings page under Rank). This gives everyone a fair opportunity to obtain new players each week.

Can I edit my league's waiver priority order?

Commissioners can edit waiver position after the draft by going to League >> Settings >> Edit Waiver Wire Order.

Note You can only do this after your league drafts for the new season.

Can I ensure the worst team in my league receives the top waiver claim priority every week?

Yes, go to League >> Settings >> Edit Waiver Wire Rules >> Reset Order Weekly >> Yes. Waiver order will reset at the start of each new league week (Tuesdays at 6 AM Eastern for NFL, Mondays or Fridays for MLB, NBA, and NHL, depending on your league settings). The waiver order will reset based to inverse league rank. League rank is determined by your league's tiebreaker rules. An owner might show a waiver priority of 1, but then drop down in priority if they rise in the rankings during the week.

Why are some players on my roster labeled as Can't Drop?

Most leagues will lock recently added players. Owners can gain an unfair advantage by adding and immediately dropping players, preventing other owners from acquiring them until the following week. By default, Fleaflicker will lock recently-added players within 24 or 48 hours of the start of their game (depending on your league settings) to ensure this does not happen. To disable this setting, go to League >> Settings >> Edit Waiver Wire Rules >> Lock Recently Added >> No.

Note Your league's time is dependent on the waiver time your league uses that you can see in League >> Rules.

Can I edit an owner's blind-bid waiver budget (FAAB)?

Commissioners can edit waiver budgets after the draft by going to League >> Settings >> Edit Waiver Budgets.

Note You can only do this after your league drafts for the new season.

Can I bid $0 and still receive a player?

Yes, you can place a bid for $0 and it will save and process.

Is there a limit on the total number of players on a roster?

Fleaflicker limits the number of waiver claims to 40 during an active waiver session.

Can I put the same exact waiver claim where I drop the same player and add the same player in for a different amount of money?

No, you would not be able to do this as you already have the same player added and being dropped for a certain amount of money.

Can I reset the whole league's blind-bid auction budget (or “transfer” money from previous seasons)?

Yes, go to League >> Settings and switch to Waiver Priority and then back to Blind Bid Auction and you'll be able to specify a budget for all teams. If you want to transfer over blind-bid money, make a note on the message board where each team stands and then follow the instructions above.

Can I submit more than one claim?

Yes. Regardless of the waiver system used, Fleaflicker will always try to process every single waiver claim that is submitted, including conditional claims.

What are conditional waiver claims?

Conditional waiver claims allow you specify complex waiver preferences by submitting multiple claims involving the same players.

Note Many sites do not support this feature, please read carefully.

Suppose you specify the following waiver claims on the claims page (Team >> Waivers):

  • Claim #1—Drop Player A and claim Player Z.

  • Claim #2—Drop Player A and claim Player Y.

  • Claim #3—Drop Player B and claim Player Y.

Now consider the following outcomes:

  • Outcome #1—If Claim #1 is not processed because Player Z was claimed by another team (your first choice). The system still allows you to drop Player A and you will get Player Y from Claim #2.

  • Outcome #2—If Claim #1 is processed successfully, you drop Player A for Player Z. Claim #2 is no longer valid, but the system can still process Claim #3.

As this example illustrates, conditional waivers allow you to set very detailed preferences.

What is a Blind-Bid Auction System (or FAAB)?

The Blind Bid Auction system (also known as a FAAB) allocates a budget of fake “money” to each team before the season for them to spend on free agent players on waivers. Waiver claims are awarded to the highest bidder instead of the worst-ranked team. If there is a tie, the player will be awarded to the team with the worst rank. Each time a claim is processed, the bid amount is deducted from the remaining budget.

Why did I not receive a player when I had a higher priority than the owner who claimed him?

Waivers will only process if your claim still contains the player you are cutting. If you already cut the player, the waiver claim will be void. Also, ensure you are not over a position maximum or total maximum roster requirement your league may have.

What is the difference in color under claim between green and orange?

Green means you can pick the player up and start them during this week's fantasy matchup. Orange means you have to wait until next week's matchup.

Example If Team A bids $50 on Player X and the next highest bid is just $27, Team A will be awarded Player X and charged the full $50 of its bid.

Can I claim an injured player if I have room on my IR if my active roster is full?

Yes, if you have IR space and the player meets your minimum IR requirement, you can claim them and roster them – though they'll be automatically placed on your IR.