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This was my first year to play fantasy football and I was also the commissioner of our league. As the year progressed, it exposed weaknesses in the default scoring rules. There's also the problem with people not managing their team once they know they aren't going to make the playoffs.

With all that said, I developed very a very solid scoring system and payout structure that helps to solve some of the issues that were noticed. I know many of the changes listed below are already being used, but I thought I would share anyway in case it can help another commissioner...

We're going to have a Toilet Bowl so all 12 of our regular players will enter the playoffs. The top 6 go to the regular playoffs while the bottom 6 play each other in the Toilet Bowl. We are also going to pay the weekly H2H winner $20.

By making just those to changes to the payout structure, it motivates everyone to play all the way to the last game.

I also changed the scoring rules so it more accurately reflects what's happening on the field. It would take a long time to explain all the changes that I made along with logic behind each change. However, you're welcome to view our scoring rules and payout structure for next year here...

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