fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

Please help us test the new slow draft feature.

We now support "slow" or E-mail drafts where draft selections are made on the site with unlimited selection time. Owners are notified of selections via E-mail (make sure you have your preferences set to receive E-mails).

The commish can make selections for any team.

This can serve as an alternative of a few requested features for the live draft like pausing the draft.

There's also a feature to finish a slow draft in the live draft room. This is useful because you can take your time with the important early picks and still finish the draft quickly for the less important late-round picks.

There are likely some bugs so let us know if something isn't working properly.


rbaxter 8 years ago

Can anyone tell me if the e-mail draft lends itself to this scenario?

We tend to have a draft night and try to get through as many rounds as possible during that night. However, we tend to leave 2 or 3 rounds left over that we just do on our own time over the next couple days. (So, kind of the opposite of what has been said here).

I hate time limits on picks because people always have internet issues or draft window issues or something, so it never fails that we have 2 or 3 guys on the phone during the draft just telling me who they want to pick.

Would it make sense to set up the draft as an email draft to start with even though we'll kind of be doing it live? I assume the emails go out, but the players could be in the draft room the whole time right? Then we can stop the "live draft" at any time and emails will still go out for the next couple of days. Make sense?

I can always set up a mock draft using the email format to see, but I'd rather have my owners only draft once to avoid confusion.

Thanks guys, love the site so far.

Volt 8 years ago

Yes, the slow draft is perfect for what you are looking to do. You can do as many picks as you want and then wait as long as you want to make more picks. Since there is no draft room it is very flexible. The commish can make picks if necessary, but since there is no time limit, there generally isn't a reason to do so, unless someone doesn't have computer access.

rbaxter 8 years ago

So, essentially, people just need to wait for their email to come in and click the link and go right? I guess I was hoping there would still be a draft room involved for the trash talk etc....but it sounds like this will work either way maybe not with the bells and whistles....Thanks for the reply.

ap14rcf70 8 years ago

I still think it would be helpful if the Commish could pause the draft.

PigskinPlague 8 years ago

I recommend that potential owners be able to search for leagues that have openings and plan on using the slow draft/e-mail draft option.

iamgregg 8 years ago

Some previously unmentioned (as far as I see) features I'd like to see in slow drafts:

- Editing of previous pick. In a case where a mistake is made (in relation to league rules)

- Specified player pools. Useful for rookie-only dynasty drafts. Some dynasty leagues also like to hold two seperate inaugral drafts - veteran and rookie.

- Multiple drafts. I'm not sure if it's possible so I'll mention it here. For example, one of my dynasty leagues holds an annual rookie only draft, followed by a Free Agent draft where any remaining player can be drafted.

- Ability to set a number of rounds. Either with a set amount, unlimited or simply set it to fill roster (the current default).

- Draft and drop. Ties in with the previous items. Drafts with a set number of rounds can go on after a team fills it's roster by allowing them to drop a player.

- Ability to pass on a pick. Also give the option to pass on current pick and all future picks.

These are all relatively minor, but if they apply to my leagues, they'd probably be useful to others too.

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

Good suggestions. The limiting of the player pools is a nice option. It requires a significant amount of work but it is definitely useful for dynasty leagues.

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

It's not documented but you can undo the previous pick by cutting that player from your roster.

iamgregg 8 years ago

There seems to be a bug with this. When an owner trades a player they just drafted, while the owner after them is still on the clock, it works like the pick has jsut been undone and they get another pick.

The-Dark-Knight 8 years ago

Am I blind, or is there no way for a Commish Undo? There should be, cause I made a Commish Pick for another Team.

VinceB128 8 years ago

Read above. You can undo by cutting the player. Either with commish tools or have the owner do it.

The-Dark-Knight 8 years ago

Nope. I'm the Commish and I cannot edit rosters while Slow Draft is in progress.

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

One more new feature for slow drafts (but also useful for all leagues):

There's now a "my" column on all player tables that lists your pre-draft ranking for a player.

You can also sort by your custom player rankings on the "players" tab now.

ndog78 8 years ago

Great feature. By chance is there a way to make a slow timer like say 12 hours? If the time runs out it will then pick from BPA? Would also be nice if you have predraft rankings or predraft selections that the computer would select based on that to speed up slow drafts. Just some thoughts. Thats how it works on myfantasyleague.

iamgregg 8 years ago

Would like to see all of these, and the draft clock especially is absolutely necessary. Remember, it's a slow draft, not a forever draft.

Steven 8 years ago

so say that i know i will be away from my computer when my pick comes up i can rank my players and the system will pick for me??

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

No, the system will not select for you. If you are away from your computer you can either make the pick whenever you return as their is no time limit or the commissioner will make the selection for you.

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

Just added a status message to leagues in a slow draft.

You can see this here (at least at the time of this post).

By the way, you don't have to create test leagues just to try out the slow draft.

You can test things out in your league and then clear the rosters or clear non-keepers to revert to the way things were.

DARKSEID 8 years ago

Very nice, that is a great addition.

PigskinPlague 8 years ago

Yes, good idea. Well done.

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

HOLD OFF ON USING THE SLOW DRAFT. We will let you know when it is corrected. Very sorry guys.

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

Slow draft should be good now, let us know if you have any issues.

VaBhodi 8 years ago

Gonna start slow drafts for my leagues Friday. Any known issues at this point I need to know about ?

VaBhodi 8 years ago

BTW Great feature Doug, the more I look at it the more I like it. Especially the option of finishing the later rounds with a live draft .

barryb1 8 years ago

are there any public slow draft leagues?

VaBhodi 8 years ago


Have a test league here. Need some volunteers to help me, when we hit enough to draft, Ill start it.

barryb1 8 years ago

well, that was entertaining. wanna give it another shot?