FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

Dear Fleaflicker Users,

Many of you most likely experienced more site and iPhone outages on Sunday, 9/19 -- for the Week 2 games (with the exception of the Sunday Night Football, Eagles-Falcons game). It is completely unacceptable on our end, but we're doing everything in our power to correct this and are confident it will be fixed this week and even better moving forward.

Here is an update on where we stand, what we're doing to correct the issues, and our plans for the future:

First off, our support staff (Ori and I) and full team of system engineers -- we have system engineers and a team who works on our hosting and servers 24/7 – are working around the clock to get all of the site issues fixed.

The issue from this Sunday, on 9/19, was not related to last week's outage. Despite significant upgrades and extensive testing after Week 1, a different component broke down and slowed the site significantly. All stats are updated correctly now and it was stabilized on Sunday evening.

We sincerely apologize for any of the trouble your league may have had. This week, we will be putting even more resources into fixing this new problem (that was of a different nature than the Week 1 problem). This should all be fixed for the Week 3 slate; Fleaflicker will begin to operate the same way that it always had on game days in past years – live scoring, quick browsing and a wonderful gaming experience. The last two weeks are not indicative of our site and service whatsoever.

What you have experienced are early-season glitches and tough for us to test and replicate until that traffic surge comes. Now that we have been able to get to the crux of the problem with the two surges from Weeks 1 and 2 -- and know what causes the issues on game day -- our team of system engineers can better enhance the site by beefing up the particular infrastructure and parts even more -- giving the site exactly what it needs; our goal is to fix these plaguing issues so they never happen again. We will be doing more extensive testing this week and putting even more resources into the site.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are doing our absolute best – and working around the clock -- so this does not happen ever again. They are early-season glitches, but we're confident we will fix them in time to give you guys the best fantasy sports experience for the rest of the year and way beyond. If you stick with our product and have faith, you will not be disappointed. Our whole support team and large staff of system engineers are very committed to making things work and a fast and timely manner.

Please let me know if there's anything else we can do for you. You can contact us here, by e-mail (info@fleaflicker.com) or on Twitter () or Facebook ().

b0r3dguy 7 years ago

Thank you, FleaFlicker for a flawless weekend! I had no complaints from members of my league this weekend at all about the site. It was stable to relatively fast every time I accessed it on my phone.

Keep up the good work and we hope it stays this way from now on!

Veritas 7 years ago

While I share some of your frusterations and have been guilty of posting said gripes on the forums over the past few years, I will say what I always end up telling myself. If you don't like it, shut up and pay $80 for a really good fantasy football site. People seem to forget (myself included) that fleaflicker is probably the best FREE fantasy sports site. Are there things we've begged Ori and fleaflicker for years to add? Yes? Is there things we hate about the site (message board**cough**)? Absolutely. But in the end, a bunch of people passionate about fantasy football got together and made this FREE service, and to be honest. It's pretty amazing. It seems to me that if people can't understand that 'sh*t' happens, errors are made, and Mr. Murphy is always around the corner, then that's a personal issue of just not liking it when the world doesn't revolve the way you want it to. To fleafounder, Ori, and the rest of the team on this site, in a time when people rarely hold themselves accountable for their own actions, kudos. The fact that you guys ponied up and took the blame is a reflection of your integrity. And that's probably the most impressive thing I've seen on this site. So thanks for the heads up.

WalkofDeath 7 years ago

Whether I get blocked or not I need to say... I got involved with fantasy football for the enjoyment, not the frustration.

When a player is designated as being a last minute (Brondon Lloyd) inactive and a person can't count on having access to the site to replace said inactive player, it takes away the enjoyment and competitiveness of managing teams at this site.

In past years, I had 11-13 teams that I managed on a yearly basis. Of those 11-13 teams, 4 of them were on this site and I not once experienced the issues that I have experienced this year here at this site.

Now life has gotten in the way of my Fantasy Football so this year I had to downgrade the number of teams managed to 5 so I defaulted out of 3 of my leagues here and kept only my Dynasty team here...

In closing, with all the technical issues I have experienced here this year, I may soon be defaulting out my one and only league here because like I said... dealing with these technical issues takes the fun and enjoyment out of managing a team here and brings with it frustration in life that a person does not need.

FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

If you want Lloyd swapped out of the lineup for Week 2, send me your league and I'll contact the commish for you. Also, send an email to our team and we'll take care of it to get you the correct points. Thanks and sorry about that mishap.

Signguy 7 years ago

i & all my players in my league would like to substitute all there high scorers from for 4pm game they swear that they tried at 1pm. when the system was down can you call my commish THX

Veritas 7 years ago

Haha! Me too! :P

Signguy 7 years ago

They send this cheesy message & if you criticize them they block you from responding.... And refuse to send you messages. I use to look forward to football season thanks to fleaflicker I'm ready fir the playoffs. The only thing worse them your service is your customer service... Please copy and repost this because like a 5 year old they will erase & block me from responding.

fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

We definitely don't block anybody's posts. If you check our FB page it has lots of negative comments. We haven't censored a single one.

Facebook has built-in spam detection that blocks a lot of posts.

Feel free to speak your mind here I promise you won't be censored.

davidlallyjrs 7 years ago

My money says we will get some message following next week's collapse also

Signguy 7 years ago

i dont think they'll even send anything after next weeks collapse.

Signguy 7 years ago

They won't they'll just block us all from complaining & hide under there rock knowing they have us by the balls till next year.

WalkofDeath 7 years ago

I feel your fustration, but regarding your comment....

"they have us by the balls till next year"... unlike some of the other sites, you are provided with the option of deleting your team(s) at anytime here at this site.

Signguy 7 years ago

yes we can and not have a league which has been operating for a decade.yes we can and not have fantasy football for the year......

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

well said and thanks!!

bigpeeler 7 years ago

No problems whatsoever. Still the best site out there. The problems that I've had with Yahoo and ESPN could fill volumes. Your little bugaboo pales by comparison, believe me. Keep up the good work.

WalkofDeath 7 years ago

Of course you can't "no have problems whatsoever" with the site if you can't access it "at all". Did you try to access this site during primetime yesterday? The last time I had site access problems at Yahoo or ESPN was when I was using dial-up which was eons ago. I never had access problems here at this site the last 2 years and now, with a changing of guard, there is no "Sunday Access" when "fantasy fanatics" need it most.

bigpeeler 7 years ago

Actually, when fantasy fanatics "need it most" is during their live on-line drafts which is when both Yahoo ans ESPN failed me. Their apparently overloaded servers wouldn't allow me (and others) access to the Flash/Java (whatever) draft screen. It would pop up but not open fully...until after the draft had finished and I had been autodrafted for. It wasn't my computer. It wasn't my Internet provider. It was them and it was never addressed by either site's administrators. Given those facts,I stand by my statement that FleaFlicker has my appreciation and patience.

WalkofDeath 7 years ago

Never had problems accessing drafts or drafting at either site... even in the early days of dial-up.

wayneiii 7 years ago

thx guys!