RunLost Mon 5/9/16 12:35 PM

What happens when I do the following to set keeper and prepare to run our rookie draft?

"League >> Settings >> Edit Rosters >> These are the complete rosters but still draft this season"

We leave our rookie keepers in the IR slot as a workaround for a taxi squad, but I don't want to force everyone to promote their rookies.

So can we keep players in the IR slot and set our keeper then begin our rookie draft?



FleaflickerT Admin Mon 5/9/16 4:41 PM

Hello CJ!

That option ("These are the complete rosters but still draft this season") won't actually set everyone in the current rosters as keepers. If you want to do that for all teams at once, you will need to choose the "These are the keepers for all teams" option first and hit Save, and then go back and set it to "These are the complete rosters but still draft this season".

Your owners will need to apply their keeper setting to any players they want to keep during the draft. In order to accommodate your IR setup, you could temporarily increase your bench requirements and then your number of keepers in order to allow flexibility during the draft, then resize back down after your owners have their rosters solidified. These adjustments would be made at League Settings > Edit Roster Requirements and League Settings > Edit Keeper Rules .

Please let me know if this isn't clear and you need additional guidance!

RunLost Mon 5/9/16 10:46 PM

So can everyone leave their players in the IR slot after setting them as keepers?

My plan was to increase rosters by 5 rounds right before beginning the email draft.


1. "These are the keepers for all teams" (If teams have not set keepers yet will they still be kept?)

2. These are the complete rosters but still draft this season

3. Increase rosters by 5 for the 5 round rookie draft

4. Begin Email draft.

Is this correct?

Thanks for the quick response,


FleaflickerT Admin Tue 5/10/16 1:23 PM

As long as they are set as keepers they should be able to stay in that section, however they will count towards the main roster total (in other words, they aren't bonus players). So if you have a 40 man roster and 40 keepers, and you have 5 of them sitting in your IR, they still count towards the 40 in the draft (even though you may see 5 bench spots open).

For Step 1, if you select that option, every single player on every roster will bet set as a keeper.

Your other steps look correct to me! Email me at though if you hit any snags.

RunLost Thu 5/12/16 12:01 AM

Excellent. Thanks for the update.

Just one more question, if I only want to run 5 rounds. Can I quit the draft but keep the players drafted until ​the 5th round?

Because each team has a different amount of players that they are keeping.

Thanks again,


FleaflickerT Admin Thu 5/12/16 5:24 PM

Yes, you can stop an email draft after 5 rounds by going to Edit Draft Options and selecting "No draft, I'll import the rosters." Those drafted already will be saved, but owners will need to set any they want to retain as keepers if you are going to have another preseason draft.

RunLost Thu 5/12/16 7:29 PM

Perfect. Thanks