Matt_Champeny 6 years ago

First off, I have almost no control over my keeper league as far as setting rules for who is kept. I have owners in my league keeping 1st round draft picks and FA pickups, something I THOUGHT wasn't allowed. When I click on Set Keeper Rules I only have like 3 options for rules and none of them are for setting up what or who people can keep.

If you could please help me here, I would REALLY appreciate it.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

By default, Fleaflicker will let you set your keepers and anyone not kept will be added to the end of the draft.

You will have the option to edit the keepers at Commish Options>Edit Draft Order>Edit Draft Order Round by Round -- then you can set where and when they should be kept according to your rules -- you won't see this until 2013 rolls over and then you can delete pick in the rounds applicable for your liking.