stlcardsmfd 4 years ago

I've been going round and round with Fleaflicker about a league Commissioner called AverageJoesQB.

This Commissioner loves to delete players from other teams rosters and add them to his and doesn't mind doing it while the weekly head to head is being contested.

I've provided Fleaflicker with proof of this, yet their retention department calls it streaming rather than cheating.

I've asked them to supply me with some idea of exactly what the hell streaming is as compared to cheating.

I've also told them that their retention Department evidently does not know how their system works.

Maybe Ori Schwartz should protect his investment a little more carefully.

If you're being cheated by a Commissioner report him.

Fleaflicker, it's your product and if this is the face you want to put on it, then put it out on the this FORUM and say "We just don't really care".

[Deleted User] 4 years ago

He is still doing it. he did it to me in a baseball league.

NEdynasty5rings 4 years ago

calm your ass down and join another league

stlcardsmfd 4 years ago

Stay out of this. You don't know anything about it.

NEdynasty5rings 4 years ago

lol we've all been there

and if people are supposed to stay out of this then dont post on the forums

michiganct 4 years ago

we've all been there? No we haven't...I've never heard of a commish deleting players. Is this a money league?

stlcardsmfd 4 years ago

No. Not a money league. I've seen Commissioners do this before and have reported them to FleaFlicker, and FleaFlicker sits with it's thumb up it's ass and denies it's happening.

I dropped out of the league. I also dropped out of 22 other baseball leagues and 21 football leagues.

I will be dropping out of 26 basketball leagues in 17 days when that season officially starts.

I was the Commissioner of 19 of these 69 leagues.

You might say I was heavily invested but I feel strongly enough about this to get out of everything but 1 league.

joejoe_19 4 years ago

Dude just join a different league.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We have controls in place to prevent cheating and abusive commissioners. We can't police every individual league; that is the commissioner's league and he/she does have discretion to make certain moves if necessary to do so.

If we see blatant cheating -- such as the changing of scores after a matchup is played, we may take them on a case-by-case basis. But please continue to report them at Team>>Report Abusive Owner and if your league does, they'll be ousted. It's not the best practice in place (hard to make anything perfect and please everyone), and we're looking to improve it, but we are helping as much as we can through email for your individual needs and league. We apologize if it doesn't meet your standards. We'll strive to rectify issues, but again, we do out best to stay out if private league matters.

Please continue to contact us through email moving forward and we do feel bad if you ran into a poor commissioner -- that's why we have our reliability statuses in place.

stlcardsmfd 4 years ago

I've done this on a case basis and evidently Fleaflicker can't determine what blatant cheating is. That abusive owner reporting system is a joke because it covers simplistic matters.

I want an explanation of what streaming is and why it isn't cheating and why it applies to the specific complaint I flied against this Commissioner. If you want to improve start looking at this type complaint and quit letting these clowns slide.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

To be brief, streaming is placing as many players in a day in your lineup to get the most points. We have roster limits and transaction limits in place to combat this. It is up to the commish to put them in place/enforce them.

stlcardsmfd 4 years ago

This isn't about roster limits. It's about a Commissioner taking a legal player from one team and putting him on his own team to gain an advantage while that weekly head to head competition is going on.