Pee-Dee 4 years ago

I want to try an email draft for the first time and I have some questions and concerns.

First I would like some idea of how the draft works. Do people make their pics from the PC through a login or do they actually email pics to the commissioner.

If people miss their draft window is there an auto draft option that uses the user's pre ranked players list?

If the draft does not finish in time can you stop the email draft and then schedule a live draft with the remaining pics? If so then please explain how please also let me know what else to look out for. Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

You can e-mail us and we can do a few things for you, including setting you up a test league so you can test it out before you go live with your own league. Contact us using the bottom on the bottom right of the page. I will answer your questions here as well:

People make their picks through the Players page. They can access this through their computer, tablet, mobile device, etc. They don't email the commish their picks (though they can because the commish can select for anyone using the Players tab and hitting Commish Draft).

There is no timer, so there is no draft window. If you want to implement one yourself, you can, and then can pick for them.

Yes, you can go from e-mail to a live draft, but it will start almost right away. You would go to Edit Draft Options>Finish E-mail draft in the live draft room (starting now) -- it's the last option.

Pee-Dee 4 years ago

When I commish execute a pick, will I have the option to automate the selection from the current selecting owner's prerank list?

I would like a demo if you would do this for me. I love the support from this site. Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

You can't view the other player's list, so you would be picking for them -- but if they know they won't be around, we'd recommend they send you a list of upcoming players they'd like.

To request a test e-mail league, e-mail us at


Pee-Dee 4 years ago

I was hoping it would use their pre-ranked players without the commissioner seeing the list. Kind of like in a live draft when an owner's time expires.

rangerdave 4 years ago

The sytem is designed to prevent Commish cheating. Most leagues either let the Commish choose whoever he wants for the missed pick, or they make the player ranked highest by Flea the pick.

Here is a post regarding e-mail draft rules for one of my recent startups:

"Our draft will begin on Sunday April 28 at noon Central. The draft order is set and can be viewed using the Draft tab. It will be an e-mail draft with a 24-hour time limit for picks. If a team fails to make a pick within their 24-hour window, the Commish or one of the co-Commishes will make a pick for that team using their own best judgement.

All owners need to have the "Notify me when I am on the clock in an E-mail draft" option checked under the E-mail Alerts section of your Flea account settings. If you don't know how to do this, let me know and I will guide you through the process. Should you not have this option checked, you may end up missing your draft window.

Teams will be allowed to trade during the draft. They will be allowed to trade picks in this draft and future drafts, as well as players. All trades made during the draft will be executed by the Commish or one of the co-Commishes at their earliest convenience. This, and the day of the trade deadline, are the only times where a trade will be executed without a 24-hour review period.

If a pick that is on the clock is being traded, the team receiving that pick will assume the time that is left on the clock for that pick. They will get a minimum of 8 hours of clock time, though.

Teams will draft to the roster max of 35. Roster minimums and maximums will be in place (see League Rules).

If anyone requires an extension to their draft window, please let the Commish or one of the co-Commishes know as far in advance as possible. We all have work, family, school, and other commitments and no one will be penalized for having a life outside fantasy football.

For those unfamiliar with Flea drafts, teams are allowed to drop their last player picked and redraft, provided the next team in line has yet to submit their pick. Should any team drop their last pick, they will not receive a new draft window.

If there is something I haven't covered, or something I haven't properly explained, please let me know as soon as possible before the draft and I will properly address the situation. Thanks."

Arff1961 4 years ago

can a player be dropped and another added after several owners have picked?

rangerdave 4 years ago

No. Only the last player picked can be dropped. However, once that player is dropped, the player picked before that player can be dropped, and so on.

Pee-Dee 4 years ago

This was pretty neat. I still wish the commissioner could pres a button to automate the current pick using the current owners rankings... kind of like if their time runs out when in the live draft.

Pee-Dee 3 years ago

I still wish there was a way to execute the next players pick without being blamed for tanking that pick on purpose. In the live draft, the next pick is automated and uses the players pre-draft ranking to decide that player's next pick. How hard is it to kick off that same process from the email draft.