FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 22 '77

Our engineers have currently stabilized the situation and we will continue working around the clock to put a more permanent fix in place.

We apologize for today's unacceptable outages. We will upgrade our operations immediately to ensure this does not happen again.

We take server uptime and performance very seriously but unfortunately our new data center was not equipped to handle Sunday's traffic surge.

We are fantasy fanatics ourselves and we know how important it is to have 100% uptime and live scoring.


Da18thLetter28 Jul 07 '77

This week was much better. Good job this week. Hopefully things will continue. I know you guys don't get much credit for doing something right and get a bunch of grief (from me as well as others) when something goes wrong. I just wanted to say good job this week since I did have negative comments when the site was down the 1st 2 weeks.

[Deleted User] Jun 28 '77

Fleaflicker Fantasy Sports

We're working to bring the correct stats back ASAP. Connections are dropping sporadically now and our engineers are working to bring everything back up as quickly as possible.

Da18thLetter28 Jun 28 '77

Is it just me, or are things seeming a little slow already today?

derek_eye Jun 28 '77

It's not just you. It's not that it's slow. I think they are having trouble handling the load again today. As a person who supports production sites myself, you can only apologize so much for production issues before people lose trust.

Da18thLetter28 Jun 28 '77

I am getting close.

bertaas Jun 25 '77

I appreciate your response on this issue. Like someone else basically said...Yahoo, ESPN, Sportsline, etc wouldn't give a crap about the users if this happened. Fleaflicker rocks!

deen Jun 24 '77

Pretty bad this morning..Constantly had refresh issues, kept saying website too busy..Took me almost 2 hours to set 10 baseball lineups.

fleafounder Admin Jun 24 '77

What time were you seeing these issues? We're looking into issues around 6am eastern.

deen Jun 24 '77

Pretty much every morning around 6am-8am for the last 2 weeks..I thought maybe it was something with my internet options but I have it set at "everytime I visit the webpage" and it only happens here on flea.

This morning was pretty bad though and then other things were going on to like the entire page got clustered and moved to the bottom left side of the page.

fleafounder Admin Jun 24 '77

thanks for the report. im not seeing anything in our server logs and i just checked with our ops team and they didnt see anything suspicious either.

but we had a few other users report this as well so i'll monitor the situation closely tomorrow at that time.

deen Jun 25 '77

For me it usually seems like its during the morning and only in baseball..Maybe its because we have to click on so many things the server cant handle it..You gotta click on players, then SP, then daily, then owned, then schedule, then add, then ok.

I dont know just throwing ideas out there on what it could be, maybe when you have a bunch of owners on during the morning doing the same thing and clicking on so many things maybe it bogs down the system?

[Deleted User] Jun 25 '77

Ryan, make sure your Java is updated. Some browsers usea PLUG-IN too with them. Sounds like a old Java script

[Deleted User] Jun 25 '77

Ori, was having the same problem with Opera!! Was jamming everything on the RIGHT of the screen and taking alot to sign in, Went back to Firefox and no problems. Seems the browsers that use Java plug ins are having a little problem

deen Jun 25 '77

Java is updated, I think..It wasnt too long ago when I updated it..

It wasnt so bad this morning..I got here about 6:30 am, it started out bad for about 10 minutes but it hasnt done it for a while now.

[Deleted User] Jun 25 '77

Check it on the Java website, will tell you if you are using a old one

Gridiron-IQ Jun 23 '77

first problem ive ever had with fleaflicker....no big deal

JeRmZ Jun 23 '77

and this is why I always use FleaFlicker!! You think those yahoo's over at yahoo would give a hoot if you couldn't get in to see scores ... NOPE!!!

Shamrocking Jun 22 '77

Could have used the time that yall were down to change lineup...but then again, you have never let me down in the past. Will also proceed w/caution.