What is Fleaflicker?

Fleaflicker is the world's easiest and fastest fantasy sports platform.

Fleaflicker is designed for serious commissioners who want full control over their leagues, but it is also simple enough for sports fans of all experience levels.


Fleaflicker is based in New York, NY, and has been delighting fantasy sports fans worldwide since 2005.

Ori Schwartz Founder & Lead Developer

Ori launched Fleaflicker August 2005, sold it to AOL April 2008, and reacquired it June 2011.
Favorite team: New York Jets

Hal Spivack Marketing & QA

Hal supports hundreds of thousands of users, while overseeing marketing, testing, and QA. He previously worked at AOL and the NFL.
Favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers


Fleaflicker's technical architecture is comprised of dozens of components. On the server side:

  • HAProxy for load distribution
  • Java for all applications
  • MySQL for storing data
  • memcached for speeding up data access

On the client side:

  • Bootstrap for user interface components
  • jQuery for user interface interactions
  • pjax for quick page loading
  • Closure tools for templating and CSS & JS compression