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FFCSR_Doug Apr 21 '74

We are excited to announce that all AOL members (season 2004 – 2007) have been migrated to Fleaflicker. Now that you are a Fleaflicker player what are some of the features you can expect.  
* A streamlined site dedicated to free and easy set up  
* Easy to sort player rankings  
* Free live scoring  
* Free use of the draft room  
* Extremely customizable scoring, rosters and league rules  
* An accessible support staff  
If you don't see your leagues on the homepage, it probably means you're not using the same AOL account or E-mail address on Fleaflicker as you did on AOL last season.  
Please make sure you use the same account (e.g., if you used the AOL screen name JohnDoe11 last year on AOL, you must use that same id on Fleaflicker).  
The migration of AOL legacy players was a large technical undertaking and if you spot any issues don’t hesitate to report them.  
You are also encouraged to post suggestions on improving the site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  
Thank you.


tcostant Apr 24 '74

It doesn't seem like the "invite" is working for my leagues. I sent two teams invites and both said they did not receive it.  
I tested in on myself, using a different e-mail address tham my team and that did not get thru either.  
One invite was in Vance League and the other was the Covanta league.  

[Deleted User] Apr 24 '74

Tell the owners to make sure their fleaflicker account have the right email address. Tell them to click account settings and check the email address that is under that account.

tcostant Apr 24 '74

It a brand new owner, they are not recieving the link from fleaflicker after I invite them. They e-mailed me a little while ago and still have not recieved.

VinceB128 Apr 25 '74

Have them check their spam mail. I know a few of the people I invited thought they didn't get invites, because they ended up in the spam folder.

tcostant Apr 25 '74

It wasn't there, but I was able to work around it by pasting in the info on the bottom of the invite (got this suggestion on the Support Message Board).  
Thanks for the interest.

FFCSR_Doug Apr 25 '74

We are experiencing some trouble with outgoing emails. It is currently being worked on and if you continue to experience problems over the next couple of days let us know.

tcostant Apr 25 '74

I post some items on our league's boards & I checked the box to e-mail everyone, but no e-mail was sent out.

FFCSR_Doug Apr 26 '74

The issue is still being worked out and should not be too much longer.

capilliams May 03 '74

Hello. My name is Tony and I'm a commissioner on fleaflicker having the same issue your wrote about. Did you ever get it resolved? I'm still needing for two invited owners to actually receive their invitations. If you have any advice, please contact me at Thank you.

FFCSR_Doug May 03 '74

We will be emailing you shortly.