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FFCSR_Doug Apr 21 '74

We are excited to announce that all AOL members (season 2004 – 2007) have been migrated to Fleaflicker. Now that you are a Fleaflicker player what are some of the features you can expect.  
* A streamlined site dedicated to free and easy set up  
* Easy to sort player rankings  
* Free live scoring  
* Free use of the draft room  
* Extremely customizable scoring, rosters and league rules  
* An accessible support staff  
If you don't see your leagues on the homepage, it probably means you're not using the same AOL account or E-mail address on Fleaflicker as you did on AOL last season.  
Please make sure you use the same account (e.g., if you used the AOL screen name JohnDoe11 last year on AOL, you must use that same id on Fleaflicker).  
The migration of AOL legacy players was a large technical undertaking and if you spot any issues don’t hesitate to report them.  
You are also encouraged to post suggestions on improving the site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  
Thank you.


TheCommish Apr 22 '74

Several teams in my league are listed as inactive, with the last log in 2 years ago, even though all were active last year. I do not believe these "inactive" owners have access to our league. Other teams are active and can be accessed by their owners. Is this something Fleaflicker has to address or do the owners need to rejoin somehow?

[Deleted User] Apr 22 '74

I think that means they havnt signed in on fleaflicker yet and activated their AOL Accounts. I might be wrong idk. Thats just my guess

TheCommish Apr 22 '74

That's what I thought at first, but some of the teams listed as active show their last visit as 9 months ago. They haven't visited the new site, but are shown as being active.