fleafounder Admin Jun 08 '75

You can now put all free agents on waivers immediately after your league's draft.

This is useful if your league has already drafted. Player values can still change dramatically between now and opening day and all owners should have a fair chance to acquire free agents.

From Commish Options, select Lock Free Agents During Preseason.

This will prevent free agent pickups until after the first week of fantasy games.

If your league uses game-start waivers and this option is selected, all free agents will be put on waivers. Claims will be processed on your league's regular game-start waiver processing day(s).

If your league doesn't use waivers, this option will just flat-out lock all free agents until after week 1 is complete (the Tuesday after week 1).


whackstackman Jun 20 '75

I have my league locked and somehow a team in my league got Matthew Stafford. Why?

DaSOBCommish Jun 18 '75

ok so blind bids open after the completion of week 1 correct?? And what does it say next to the players names that are in free agency? Does it say BID or Claim?? Please let me know trying to prepare for this feature

ColonelMustard Jun 13 '75

I see where the waiver claim option is available but do not see how to put in a bid. Is bidding system up and running now? If not, when will it be available? If I am missing how to make a bid will you please give instructions?



fleafounder Admin Jun 14 '75

Go to the players tab then claim a player.

DaSOBCommish Jun 18 '75

your not really answering his question extensively. I'm having the same problem and would like an update on how this blind bid works!! Does it start kicking in after week 1? And what does it say next to the players names that are in free agency? Does it say claim or bid? Can you please give us an extensive answer to this question

TitanMike Jun 11 '75

Hey Ori,

I do not have this option showing under my commish options. We held our draft last night - I logged in this morning to take advantage of this new feature but I do not see it. I looked in some of the other categories but did not see it there either.

Thanks for your help in getting this resolved!

fleafounder Admin Jun 11 '75

It's there:

Edit transaction Options->Lock Free Agents During Preseason

TitanMike Jun 11 '75

Got it. It might be worth amending original instructions above to help direct. Thanks again for continuing to add flexibility and control!

The-Dark-Knight Jun 11 '75

Lock Free Agents During Preaseason is marked as "Yes" but all the FA have a claim behind them. The mouseover says the waivers will be processed in 2 Days???

So are FA locked like I want them to ( cause my Owners think they are) or not?


fleafounder Admin Jun 11 '75

Right, if you have waiver claims enabled, it will put players on waivers. If you don't, it will just lock everyone.

The-Dark-Knight Jun 11 '75

Where do I have to disable waivers? And inseason I have to enable them again? Don't like it.

And what's about the scoreboard? Says Week1 is Tue 8/25-Mon 8/31 ?? Bug conected to my problem?

fleafounder Admin Jun 11 '75

Scoreboard was a bug, since fixed.

You can disable waivers under "edit waiver options" and then change those settings at any time.

Wookieefoot Jun 14 '75

Help! My league options have waivers locked until the start of the season. I've double checked this, but for whatever reason claims are enabled and someone already picked up Joey Galloway. Rosters are supposed to be locked and its giving everyone the option to drop and add players. Whats going on???

fleafounder Admin Jun 14 '75

He claimed Galloway fairly through the claims system.

If you want transactions to be completely locked, you have to turn off waivers (you can always turn them back on).

Commish options > edit waiver options

Wookieefoot Jun 14 '75

He wasnt fairly claimed. So if I check Locked Rosters, but waiver claims are enabled, isn't that misleading? It leads you to believe waivers will be processed after the first NFL game. Why were rosters locked up until the 3rd preseason game? If I turn waivers off it says free agents are first come first serve basis. Doesn't say anything about what you have mentioned.

I got the situation handled but I think if you have rosters locked during preseason that should override all other options. Especially when they are not clear.

Sidney1965 Jun 08 '75

I don't have that option under my commissioner options. Does it only show up after the draft is over?

Sidney1965 Jun 08 '75

Go for it...

DaSOBCommish Jun 08 '75

anyway u can have the BLIND BID AUCTION start up right away b4 season starts rather then waiting till after week 1?