atayl11 Sep 17 '13

one of the reasons i migrated my league to fleaflicker was because i saw you were trying to include tackles for loss as a stat, it still is not and i was just curious as to the progress on getting it added


Ches 12 Months

I like this idea. A few others I would like to see are:

Pts for defenders who deflect passes

Pts against offensive player who cause safety

Pts for passing/receiving/rushing first down

Ches 12 Months

Disregard my comment about deflected passes. Just found it!

atayl11 12 Months

ya, as far as IDP goes what i would really like more than anything else is different points for each position, if i increase tackle and sack points to make DTs more valuable it just makes LBs 10x better

Ches 12 Months

I hear you on that. One thing that might help you out is to include passes defended, as a good DT will often knock a pass down.

Ches 12 Months

But the reason why I want the pts for first downs is because I am in the process of creating what I believe will be the league that most closely resembles the NFL. So rather than having it be PPR, I want it to be PPFD (point per first down), as a more effective and more ideal scoring system.

rangerdave 12 Months


You can have different scoring by position. See the following for an example:

FleaMod Admin 11 Months

We are trying to get some of those stats added for next year, absolutely. We have been in talks with our stats provider about it.

Ches 11 Months

Thank you for responding! And I look for want to see the new options!