The current draft pick is 4.11 #47. is now drafting! The previous picks were

Doug Martin RB TB.

Drafted Doug Martin RB TB 4.10 #46 moments ago

John Brown WR ARI.

Drafted John Brown WR ARI 4.9 #45 8 hours ago

Charles Johnson WR MIN.

Drafted Charles Johnson WR MIN 4.8 #44 1 day ago

Josh Hill TE NO.

Drafted Josh Hill TE NO 4.7 #43 1 day ago

Jason Witten TE DAL.

Drafted Jason Witten TE DAL 4.6 #42 (using Commish Powers) 2 days ago

Duke Johnson RB CLE.

Drafted Duke Johnson RB CLE 4.5 #41 (using Commish Powers) 3 days ago

Devonta Freeman RB ATL.

Drafted Devonta Freeman RB ATL 4.4 #40 3 days ago

Chris Ivory RB NYJ.

Drafted Chris Ivory RB NYJ 4.2 #38 3 days ago

Jordan Cameron TE MIA.

Drafted Jordan Cameron TE MIA 4.1 #37 3 days ago

Davante Adams WR GB.

Drafted Davante Adams WR GB 3.12 #36 3 days ago

Bobby Wagner LB SEA.

Drafted Bobby Wagner LB SEA 3.11 #35 3 days ago

Luke Kuechly LB CAR.

Drafted Luke Kuechly LB CAR 3.10 #34 4 days ago

Ryan Tannehill QB MIA.

Drafted Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 3.9 #33 4 days ago

Jarvis Landry WR MIA.

Drafted Jarvis Landry WR MIA 3.8 #32 (using Commish Powers) 4 days ago

Roddy White WR ATL.

Drafted Roddy White WR ATL 3.7 #31 4 days ago