The current draft pick is 18.10 (214th overall). is now drafting! The previous picks were
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1.1 (1st overall)
P. Garcon WR WAS
1.2 (2nd overall)
R. Jennings RB NYG
1.3 (3rd overall)
B. Tate RB CLE
1.4 (4th overall)
D. Martin RB TB
1.5 (5th overall)
S. Watkins WR BUF
1.6 (6th overall)
D. Jackson WR WAS
1.7 (7th overall)
V. Cruz WR NYG
1.8 (8th overall)
T. Gerhart RB JAC
1.9 (9th overall)
B. Sankey RB TEN
1.10 (10th overall)
R. White WR ATL
1.11 (11th overall)
S. Vereen RB NE
1.12 (12th overall)
C. Kaepernick QB SF
2.12 (24th overall)
M. Bennett TE CHI
2.11 (23rd overall)
R. Rice RB BAL
2.10 (22nd overall)
P. Harvin WR SEA
2.9 (21st overall)
V. Burfict LB CIN
2.8 (20th overall)
H. Clinton-Dix DB GB
2.7 (19th overall)
P. Thomas RB NO
2.6 (18th overall)
M. Floyd WR ARI
2.5 (17th overall)
J. Cameron TE CLE
2.4 (16th overall)
B. Pierce RB BAL
2.3 (15th overall)
C. Michael RB SEA
2.2 (14th overall)
S. Ridley RB NE
2.1 (13th overall)
R. Gronkowski TE NE
3.1 (25th overall)
L. David LB TB
3.2 (26th overall)
D. Bowe WR KC
3.3 (27th overall)
J. Reed TE WAS
3.4 (28th overall)
J. Maclin WR PHI
3.5 (29th overall)
C. Clay TE MIA
3.6 (30th overall)
M. Crabtree WR SF
3.7 (31st overall)
M. Wallace WR MIA
3.8 (32nd overall)
P. Posluszny LB JAC
3.9 (33rd overall)
J. Edelman WR NE
3.10 (34th overall)
M. Evans WR TB
3.11 (35th overall)
J. Cutler QB CHI
3.12 (36th overall)
D. Freeman RB ATL
4.12 (48th overall)
E. Sanders WR DEN
4.11 (47th overall)
M. Jones-Drew RB OAK
4.10 (46th overall)
J. Stewart RB CAR
4.9 (45th overall)
E. Berry DB KC
4.8 (44th overall)
J. Clowney LB HOU
4.7 (43rd overall)
G. Hardy DL CAR
4.6 (42nd overall)
G. Olsen TE CAR
4.5 (41st overall)
P. Rivers QB SD
4.4 (40th overall)
D. Pitta TE BAL
4.3 (39th overall)
L. Green TE SD
4.2 (38th overall)
D. Johnson LB KC
4.1 (37th overall)
B. Wagner LB SEA
5.1 (49th overall)
P. Willis LB SF
5.2 (50th overall)
M. Colston WR NO
5.3 (51st overall)
E. Manning QB NYG
5.4 (52nd overall)
L. Miller RB MIA
5.5 (53rd overall)
D. McFadden RB OAK
5.6 (54th overall)
M. Wilkerson DL NYJ
5.7 (55th overall)
J. Bell RB DET
5.8 (56th overall)
K. Dansby LB CLE
5.9 (57th overall)
B. Roethlisberger QB PIT
5.10 (58th overall)
D. Sproles RB PHI
5.11 (59th overall)
J. Mayo LB NE
5.12 (60th overall)
T. West RB CLE
6.12 (72nd overall)
F. Jackson RB BUF
6.11 (71st overall)
D. Williams RB CAR
6.10 (70th overall)
C. Hyde RB SF
6.9 (69th overall)
J. Hill RB CIN
6.8 (68th overall)
T. Bridgewater QB MIN
6.7 (67th overall)
M. Kendricks LB PHI
6.6 (66th overall)
D. Trevathan LB DEN
6.5 (65th overall)
K. Rudolph TE MIN
6.4 (64th overall)
B. Church DB DAL
6.3 (63rd overall)
K. Davis RB KC
6.2 (62nd overall)
G. Tate WR DET
6.1 (61st overall)
B. Cooks WR NO
7.1 (73rd overall)
T. Williams WR DAL
7.2 (74th overall)
A. Smith QB KC
7.3 (75th overall)
R. Randle WR NYG
7.4 (76th overall)
E. Ebron TE DET
7.5 (77th overall)
7.6 (78th overall)
K. Benjamin WR CAR
7.7 (79th overall)
R. Ninkovich DL NE
7.8 (80th overall)
P. Worrilow LB ATL
7.9 (81st overall)
A. Boldin WR SF
7.10 (82nd overall)
J. Gordon WR CLE
7.11 (83rd overall)
M. Ingram RB NO
7.12 (84th overall)
J. Cyprien DB JAC
8.12 (96th overall)
J. McCown QB TB
8.11 (95th overall)
T. Ward DB DEN
8.10 (94th overall)
O. Beckham WR NYG
8.9 (93rd overall)
R. Cooper WR PHI
8.8 (92nd overall)
R. Sherman DB SEA
8.7 (91st overall)
R. Tannehill QB MIA
8.6 (90th overall)
K. Robinson RB NO
8.5 (89th overall)
C. Wake DL MIA
8.4 (88th overall)
S. Taylor RB ARI
8.3 (87th overall)
D. Walker TE TEN
8.2 (86th overall)
C. Campbell DL ARI
8.1 (85th overall)
H. Smith DB MIN
9.1 (97th overall)
C. Johnson DL CAR
9.2 (98th overall)
M. Williams DL BUF
9.3 (99th overall)
S. Greene RB TEN
9.4 (100th overall)
Z. Ertz TE PHI
9.5 (101st overall)
A. Seferian-Jenkins TE TB
9.6 (102nd overall)
B. Cushing LB HOU
9.7 (103rd overall)
C. Greenway LB MIN
9.8 (104th overall)
C. Shorts WR JAC
9.9 (105th overall)
E. Weddle DB SD
9.10 (106th overall)
A. Williams RB NYG
9.11 (107th overall)
K. Moreno RB MIA
9.12 (108th overall)
C. Jordan DL NO
10.12 (120th overall)
C. Ivory RB NYJ
10.11 (119th overall)
R. Jones DB MIA
10.10 (118th overall)
C. Sims RB TB
10.9 (117th overall)
T. Austin WR STL
10.8 (116th overall)
M. Te'o LB SD
10.7 (115th overall)
J. White RB NE
10.6 (114th overall)
E. Thomas DB SEA
10.5 (113th overall)
L. Dunbar RB DAL
10.4 (112th overall)
K. Minter LB ARI
10.3 (111th overall)
A. Dobson WR NE
10.2 (110th overall)
C. Dunlap DL CIN
10.1 (109th overall)
M. Johnson DL TB
11.1 (121st overall)
B. Hartline WR MIA
11.2 (122nd overall)
J. Freeman LB IND
11.3 (123rd overall)
J. Byrd DB NO
11.4 (124th overall)
L. Timmons LB PIT
11.5 (125th overall)
K. Stills WR NO
11.6 (126th overall)
11.7 (127th overall)
K. Britt WR STL
11.8 (128th overall)
J. Pierre-Paul DL NYG
11.9 (129th overall)
D. Jackson LB IND
11.10 (130th overall)
B. Mingo LB CLE
11.11 (131st overall)
A. Rolle DB NYG
11.12 (132nd overall)
C. Lofton LB NO
12.12 (144th overall)
H. Miller TE PIT
12.11 (143rd overall)
L. Houston DL CHI
12.10 (142nd overall)
V. Miller LB DEN
12.9 (141st overall)
K. Mack LB OAK
12.8 (140th overall)
B. Walsh K MIN
12.7 (139th overall)
D. Allen TE IND
12.6 (138th overall)
D. Ware DL DEN
12.5 (137th overall)
M. Jones WR CIN
12.4 (136th overall)
J. Brown WR ARI
12.3 (135th overall)
D. Levy LB DET
12.2 (134th overall)
M. Wheaton WR PIT
12.1 (133rd overall)
A. Gates TE SD
13.1 (145th overall)
D. McCluster RB TEN
13.2 (146th overall)
C. Mosley LB BAL
13.3 (147th overall)
M. Wright DB TB
13.4 (148th overall)
T. Eifert TE CIN
13.5 (149th overall)
R. Shazier LB PIT
13.6 (150th overall)
D. Smith LB BAL
13.7 (151st overall)
M. Burnett DB GB
13.8 (152nd overall)
A. Bradshaw RB IND
13.9 (153rd overall)
J. Grimes RB HOU
13.10 (154th overall)
D. Ryans LB PHI
13.11 (155th overall)
W. Moore DB ATL
13.12 (156th overall)
S. Bradford QB STL
14.12 (168th overall)
P. Riley LB WAS
14.11 (167th overall)
J. Matthews WR PHI
14.10 (166th overall)
M. Foster LB TB
14.9 (165th overall)
J. Casey DL TEN
14.8 (164th overall)
R. Streater WR OAK
14.7 (163rd overall)
T. Mason RB STL
14.6 (162nd overall)
J. Hunter WR TEN
14.5 (161st overall)
D. Woodhead RB SD
14.4 (160th overall)
O. Vernon DL MIA
14.3 (159th overall)
M. Bennett DL SEA
14.2 (158th overall)
J. Rodgers RB ATL
14.1 (157th overall)
D. Amendola WR NE
15.1 (169th overall)
K. Vaccaro DB NO
15.2 (170th overall)
J. Cook TE STL
15.3 (171st overall)
Z. Ansah DL DET
15.4 (172nd overall)
M. Barron DB TB
15.5 (173rd overall)
G. Smith QB NYJ
15.6 (174th overall)
M. Tolbert RB CAR
15.7 (175th overall)
N. Roach LB OAK
15.8 (176th overall)
B. Pollard DB TEN
15.9 (177th overall)
J. Amaro TE NYJ
15.10 (178th overall)
S. Gostkowski K NE
15.11 (179th overall)
J. Allen DL CHI
15.12 (180th overall)
R. Turbin RB SEA
16.12 (192nd overall)
A. Hawkins WR CLE
16.11 (191st overall)
M. Austin WR CLE
16.10 (190th overall)
N. Freese K DET
16.9 (189th overall)
C. Palmer QB ARI
16.8 (188th overall)
C. Heyward DL PIT
16.7 (187th overall)
D. Bucannon DB ARI
16.6 (186th overall)
J. Tuck DL OAK
16.5 (185th overall)
K. Chancellor DB SEA
16.4 (184th overall)
R. Rodgers TE GB
16.3 (183rd overall)
C. Long DL STL
16.2 (182nd overall)
G. Graham TE HOU
16.1 (181st overall)
T. Kelce TE KC
17.1 (193rd overall)
J. Hughes DL BUF
17.2 (194th overall)
M. Prater K DEN
17.3 (195th overall)
J. Flacco QB BAL
17.4 (196th overall)
M. Crosby K GB
17.5 (197th overall)
D. Dennard DB CIN
17.6 (198th overall)
T. Branch DB OAK
17.7 (199th overall)
P. Dawson K SF
17.8 (200th overall)
S. Richardson DL NYJ
17.9 (201st overall)
W. Woodyard LB TEN
17.10 (202nd overall)
G. Zuerlein K STL
17.11 (203rd overall)
S. Smith WR BAL
17.12 (204th overall)
J. Locker QB TEN
18.12 (216th overall)
18.11 (215th overall)
18.10 (214th overall) Drafting!
18.9 (213th overall)
B. Brown RB BUF
18.8 (212th overall)
M. Bryant WR PIT
18.7 (211th overall)
G. Atkins DL CIN
18.6 (210th overall)
K. Williams DL BUF
18.5 (209th overall)
S. Hauschka K SEA
18.4 (208th overall)
D. Bailey K DAL
18.3 (207th overall)
R. Nelson DB CIN
18.2 (206th overall)
S. Moore LB OAK
18.1 (205th overall)
Z. Brown LB TEN
19.1 (217th overall)
19.2 (218th overall)
19.3 (219th overall)
19.4 (220th overall)
19.5 (221st overall)
19.6 (222nd overall)
19.7 (223rd overall)
19.8 (224th overall)
19.9 (225th overall)
19.10 (226th overall)
19.11 (227th overall)
19.12 (228th overall)
20.12 (240th overall)
20.11 (239th overall)
20.10 (238th overall)
20.9 (237th overall)
20.8 (236th overall)
20.7 (235th overall)
20.6 (234th overall)
20.5 (233rd overall)
20.4 (232nd overall)
20.3 (231st overall)
20.2 (230th overall)
20.1 (229th overall)