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Week 18 2014 Mon 7/28-Sun 8/3

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TEX@CLEBot 2Lonnie Chisenhall Double, pitcher Yu Darvish3-0
TEX@CLEBot 2David Murphy 1-Run Double, Lonnie Chisenhall scores, pitcher Yu Darvish5-0
TEX@CLEBot 4Lonnie Chisenhall Strikeout, pitcher Yu Darvish4-0
COL@DETTop 1Corey Dickerson Strikeout, pitcher Anibal Sanchez4--1
COL@DETTop 8Wilin Rosario Single, pitcher Joba Chamberlain4-1
CIN@MIATop 3Jay Bruce 1-Run Single, Billy Hamilton scores, pitcher Jacob Turner8-1
CIN@MIATop 3Jay Bruce Stolen Base11-1
CIN@MIATop 3Ryan Ludwick 1-Run Double, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Jacob Turner13-1
CIN@MIATop 4Jay Bruce Single, Billy Hamilton to 3rd, pitcher Jacob Turner15-1
CIN@MIATop 8Jay Bruce Strikeout, pitcher Dan Jennings14-1
PHI@WASTop 1Jimmy Rollins Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg14-0
PHI@WASTop 2Marlon Byrd Strikeout, pitcher Stephen Strasburg13-0
PHI@WASTop 4Jimmy Rollins Single, pitcher Stephen Strasburg13-2
PHI@WASTop 7Marlon Byrd Walk, pitcher Stephen Strasburg15-2
PHI@WASTop 7Marlon Byrd Stolen Base18-2
PHI@WASBot 8Anthony Rendon 1-Run Double, Denard Span scores, pitcher Ken Giles18-7
PHI@WASBot 8Jayson Werth 1-Run Double, Anthony Rendon scores, pitcher Ken Giles18-9
LAA@TBBot 4Yunel Escobar Single, James Loney to 2nd, pitcher Jered Weaver20-9
LAA@TBBot 7Yunel Escobar Single, James Loney to 3rd, pitcher Kevin Jepsen22-9
LAA@TBBot 9Yunel Escobar Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street21-9
TOR@HOUTop 1Jose Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21.33-9
TOR@HOUTop 1Melky Cabrera Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Scott Feldman22.66-9
TOR@HOUTop 1Jose Bautista Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21.66-9
TOR@HOUTop 1Dioner Navarro Out Marwin Gonzalez, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman22.99-9
TOR@HOUTop 2Juan Francisco Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21.99-9
TOR@HOUTop 2Colby Rasmus Single, Juan Francisco to 2nd, pitcher Scott Feldman20.99-9
TOR@HOUTop 2Munenori Kawasaki Out Jose Altuve, Jon Singleton, Colby Rasmus to 2nd, Juan Francisco to 3rd, pitcher Scott Feldman22.32-9
TOR@HOUTop 2Ryan Goins 1-Run Single, Colby Rasmus to 3rd, Juan Francisco scores, pitcher Scott Feldman21.32-9
TOR@HOUTop 2Anthony Gose Out Marwin Gonzalez, Jose Altuve, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman22.65-9
TOR@HOUTop 3Jose Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21.65-9
TOR@HOUTop 3Melky Cabrera Out Scott Feldman, Jon Singleton, Jose Reyes to 2nd, pitcher Scott Feldman22.98-9
TOR@HOUTop 3Jose Bautista Walk, pitcher Scott Feldman20.98-9
TOR@HOUTop 3Dioner Navarro Walk, pitcher Scott Feldman18.98-9
TOR@HOUTop 4Colby Rasmus Out Marwin Gonzalez, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman20.31-9
TOR@HOUTop 4Munenori Kawasaki Out Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman21.64-9
TOR@HOUTop 4Ryan Goins Out Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman22.97-9
TOR@HOUTop 5Anthony Gose Single, pitcher Scott Feldman21.97-9
TOR@HOUTop 5Jose Reyes Out Robbie Grossman, pitcher Scott Feldman23.3-9
TOR@HOUTop 5Melky Cabrera Out Matt Dominguez, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman24.63-9
TOR@HOUTop 5Jose Bautista Out Jose Altuve, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman25.96-9
TOR@HOUTop 6Dioner Navarro Out Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman27.29-9
TOR@HOUTop 6Juan Francisco Out Jake Marisnick, pitcher Scott Feldman28.62-9
TOR@HOUTop 6Colby Rasmus Out Jake Marisnick, pitcher Scott Feldman29.95-9
TOR@HOUTop 7Munenori Kawasaki Strikeout, pitcher Scott Feldman32.78-9
TOR@HOUTop 7Ryan Goins Out Jose Altuve, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman34.11-9
TOR@HOUTop 7Anthony Gose Out Jon Singleton, Scott Feldman, pitcher Scott Feldman35.44-9
TOR@HOUTop 8Jose Reyes Single, pitcher Scott Feldman34.44-9
TOR@HOUTop 8Melky Cabrera Out Scott Feldman, Marwin Gonzalez, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman35.77-9
TOR@HOUTop 8Jose Bautista Strikeout, pitcher Scott Feldman38.6-9
TOR@HOUTop 9Juan Francisco Out Jose Altuve, Marwin Gonzalez, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman39.93-9
TOR@HOUTop 9Dioner Navarro Out Jose Altuve, Jon Singleton, pitcher Scott Feldman41.26-9
TOR@HOUTop 9Juan Francisco Out Matt Dominguez, pitcher Scott Feldman42.59-9
TOR@HOUTop 9Colby Rasmus Out Scott Feldman, pitcher Scott Feldman43.92-9
MIL@STLTop 1Carlos Gomez Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey46.75-9
MIL@STLTop 1Jonathan Lucroy Out A. J. Pierzynski, pitcher John Lackey48.08-9
MIL@STLTop 1Ryan Braun Double, pitcher John Lackey47.08-9
MIL@STLTop 1Aramis Ramirez 1-Run Single, Ryan Braun scores, pitcher John Lackey46.08-9
MIL@STLTop 1Rickie Weeks Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey48.91-9
MIL@STLTop 2Khris Davis Out Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey50.24-9
MIL@STLTop 2Mark Reynolds 1-Run Home Run, pitcher John Lackey49.24-9
MIL@STLTop 2Elian Herrera Out Matt Holliday, pitcher John Lackey50.57-9
MIL@STLTop 2Matt Garza Out Oscar Taveras, pitcher John Lackey51.9-9
MIL@STLTop 3Carlos Gomez Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey54.73-9
MIL@STLTop 3Jonathan Lucroy Single, pitcher John Lackey53.73-9
MIL@STLTop 3Ryan Braun Single, Jonathan Lucroy to 2nd, pitcher John Lackey52.73-9
MIL@STLTop 3Aramis Ramirez Out Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong, Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey54.06-9
MIL@STLTop 4Rickie Weeks Out Matt Carpenter, Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey55.39-9
MIL@STLTop 4Khris Davis Out Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey56.72-9
MIL@STLTop 4Mark Reynolds Strikeout, pitcher John Lackey59.55-9
MIL@STLTop 5Matt Garza Out Oscar Taveras, pitcher John Lackey60.88-9
MIL@STLTop 5Carlos Gomez Out Jhonny Peralta, pitcher John Lackey62.21-9
MIL@STLTop 5Jonathan Lucroy Out Oscar Taveras, pitcher John Lackey63.54-9
MIL@STLTop 6Ryan Braun Out Jhonny Peralta, Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey64.87-9
MIL@STLTop 6Aramis Ramirez Out Matt Adams, pitcher John Lackey66.2-9
MIL@STLTop 6Rickie Weeks Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher John Lackey67.53-9
MIL@STLTop 7Khris Davis Out Matt Holliday, pitcher John Lackey68.86-9
MIL@STLTop 7Mark Reynolds Out Matt Holliday, pitcher John Lackey70.19-9
MIL@STLTop 7Elian Herrera Single, pitcher John Lackey69.19-9
MIL@STLTop 7Lyle Overbay Single, Elian Herrera to 2nd, pitcher John Lackey68.19-9
MIL@STLTop 7Carlos Gomez Out Matt Carpenter, pitcher John Lackey69.52-9
MIL@STLTop 9Khris Davis Single, pitcher Trevor Rosenthal71.52-9
CHC@LADBot 4Matt Kemp Single, pitcher Edwin Jackson73.52-9
CHC@LADBot 4Matt Kemp Stolen Base76.52-9
CHC@LADBot 6Matt Kemp 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Edwin Jackson85.52-9
PIT@ARIBot 6Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Francisco Liriano84.52-9
ATL@SDBot 9Yonder Alonso Single, pitcher Juan Jaime84.52-11
CHC@LADBot 9Matt Kemp Strikeout, pitcher Hector Rondon83.52-11
PIT@ARIBot 9Aaron Hill Strikeout, pitcher Justin Wilson82.52-11
NYY@BOSBot 1Mike Napoli Single, Yoenis Cespedes to 2nd, Dustin Pedroia to 3rd, pitcher David Phelps84.52-11
NYY@BOSBot 5Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Esmil Rogers83.52-11
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous95.52-11