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Week 17 2014 Mon 7/21-Sun 7/27

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Non-Division Game
TOR@NYYTop 1Jose Bautista 1-Run Out Brian McCann, Melky Cabrera to 3rd, Jose Reyes scores, pitcher Shane Greene2-0
TOR@NYYBot 5Brian McCann Strikeout, pitcher J.A. Happ1-0
TOR@NYYBot 6Brian McCann 1-Run Single, Carlos Beltran to 2nd, Jacoby Ellsbury scores, pitcher Brett Cecil5-0
TOR@NYYTop 7Jose Bautista Walk, pitcher Dellin Betances7-0
TOR@NYYTop 9Jose Bautista Stolen Base10-0
TOR@NYYTop 9Dioner Navarro 1-Run Single, Jose Bautista scores, pitcher David Robertson12-0
BOS@TBTop 1David Ortiz Strikeout, pitcher Chris Archer11-0
Tainted Glove
BOS@TBBot 1Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Allen Webster11-2
BOS@TBTop 3David Ortiz 3-Run Home Run, Dustin Pedroia scores, Daniel Nava scores, pitcher Chris Archer24-2
Tainted Glove
BOS@TBBot 3Ben Zobrist Walk, pitcher Allen Webster24-4
Tainted Glove
BOS@TBBot 3Ben Zobrist Stolen Base24-7
Tainted Glove
BOS@TBBot 3Matt Joyce Strikeout, pitcher Allen Webster24-6
Tainted Glove
BOS@TBBot 5Ben Zobrist Single, pitcher Allen Webster24-8
BOS@TBTop 7David Ortiz Walk, pitcher Cesar Ramos26-8
CWS@MINBot 2Josh Willingham Strikeout, pitcher Scott Carroll25-8
CWS@MINBot 4Josh Willingham Single, pitcher Scott Carroll27-8
Tainted Glove
CLE@KCTop 5Michael Brantley 1-Run Out Nori Aoki, Jose Ramirez scores, pitcher Bruce Chen27-10
Tainted Glove
CWS@MINTop 6Alexei Ramirez 1-Run Out Oswaldo Arcia, Gordon Beckham scores, pitcher Yohan Pino27-12
Tainted Glove
CLE@KCTop 7Michael Brantley Single, pitcher Francisley Bueno27-14
CLE@KCTop 7Nick Swisher 1-Run Single, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Francisley Bueno31-16
CWS@MINBot 7Josh Willingham Walk, pitcher Ronald Belisario33-16
CWS@MINBot 7Danny Santana 1-Run Out Adam Eaton, Eric Fryer to 2nd, Chris Parmelee to 3rd, Josh Willingham scores, pitcher Javy Guerra35-16
Tainted Glove
CLE@KCTop 9Michael Brantley Double, pitcher Aaron Crow35-19
Tainted Glove
CLE@KCTop 9Carlos Santana 2-Run Home Run, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Aaron Crow35-21
STL@CHCTop 1Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Kyle Hendricks37-21
Tainted Glove
STL@CHCTop 2A.J. Pierzynski Double, pitcher Kyle Hendricks37-24
STL@CHCTop 3Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Kyle Hendricks39-24
Tainted Glove
STL@CHCTop 4A.J. Pierzynski Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Hendricks39-23
STL@CHCTop 8Matt Carpenter Single, pitcher Pedro Strop41-23
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 1Austin Jackson Strikeout, pitcher Hector Santiago41-22
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 1Victor Martinez 1-Run Double, Ian Kinsler scores, pitcher Hector Santiago41-27
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 6Austin Jackson Single, pitcher Hector Santiago41-29
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 9Austin Jackson Out Mike Trout, pitcher Huston Street41-30.33
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 9Ian Kinsler Out Efren Navarro, pitcher Huston Street41-31.66
Tainted Glove
DET@LAATop 9Miguel Cabrera Strikeout, pitcher Huston Street41-34.49
Tainted Glove
PIT@COLBot 2DJ LeMahieu 1-Run Single, Brandon Barnes to 2nd, Wilin Rosario scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez41-38.49
Tainted Glove
PIT@COLBot 4DJ LeMahieu Single, pitcher Edinson Volquez41-40.49
Tainted Glove
PIT@COLBot 4Charlie Blackmon 1-Run Double, DJ LeMahieu scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez41-42.49
Tainted Glove
PIT@COLBot 6DJ LeMahieu Strikeout, pitcher Justin Wilson41-41.49
Tainted Glove
PIT@COLBot 8DJ LeMahieu Single, pitcher Tony Watson41-43.49
   Bonuses & Miscellaneous41-51.49