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Week 2 2014 Mon 4/7-Sun 4/13

TeamCoach RatingMTWTFSSTotal
Division Game
MIA@PHITop 1Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Kendrick-1-0
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Freddie Freeman 1-Run Out Jayson Werth, Melvin Upton to 3rd, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Gio Gonzalez-1-1.33
TOR@BALBot 1Nick Markakis Single, pitcher Mark Buehrle1-1.33
TOR@BALBot 1Adam Jones 1-Run Out Ryan Goins, Adam Lind, Nick Markakis scores, pitcher Mark Buehrle3-1.33
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Jason Heyward Walk, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3--0.67
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Justin Upton 2-Run Home Run, Melvin Upton scores, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3--1.67
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Andrelton Simmons Triple, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3--2.67
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Gerald Laird Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-0.16
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 1Ramiro Pena Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-1.49
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Tyler Pastornicky Triple, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-0.49
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Aaron Harang Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-3.32
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Jason Heyward 1-Run Double, Tyler Pastornicky scores, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-2.32
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Melvin Upton Out Danny Espinosa, Adam LaRoche, Jason Heyward to 3rd, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-3.65
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Freddie Freeman 2-Run Home Run, Jason Heyward scores, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-2.65
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Justin Upton Single, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-1.65
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 2Andrelton Simmons Out Danny Espinosa, pitcher Gio Gonzalez3-2.98
MIA@PHITop 3Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Kendrick2-2.98
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 3Gerald Laird Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-5.81
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 3Ramiro Pena Out Danny Espinosa, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-7.14
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 3Tyler Pastornicky Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-9.97
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLTop 4Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Harang2-8.97
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 4Aaron Harang Out Adam LaRoche, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-10.3
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 4Jason Heyward Out Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-11.63
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 4Melvin Upton Double, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-10.63
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 4Freddie Freeman Hit By Pitch, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-8.63
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 4Justin Upton Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-11.46
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Andrelton Simmons Out Bryce Harper, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-12.79
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Gerald Laird Walk, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-10.79
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Ramiro Pena Single, Gerald Laird to 2nd, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-9.79
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Tyler Pastornicky Walk, Ramiro Pena to 2nd, Gerald Laird to 3rd, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-7.79
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Aaron Harang Strikeout, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-10.62
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 5Jason Heyward Out Bryce Harper, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-11.95
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLTop 6Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Aaron Harang2-10.95
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 6Melvin Upton Out Jayson Werth, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-12.28
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 6Freddie Freeman Out Kevin Frandsen, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-13.61
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLBot 6Justin Upton Walk, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-11.61
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLTop 7Melvin Upton Double, Jason Heyward to 3rd, pitcher Gio Gonzalez2-10.61
MIA@PHITop 8Marcell Ozuna Strikeout, pitcher Antonio Bastardo1-10.61
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLTop 8Jayson Werth Strikeout, pitcher Jordan Walden1-9.61
Javy Nice D..
WSH@ATLTop 9Ian Desmond Strikeout, pitcher Gus Schlosser1-8.61
PIT@MILTop 1Starling Marte Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse2.33-8.61
PIT@MILTop 1Jose Tabata Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse3.66-8.61
PIT@MILTop 1Andrew McCutchen Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse4.99-8.61
PIT@MILTop 2Pedro Alvarez Out Logan Schafer, pitcher Kyle Lohse6.32-8.61
PIT@MILTop 2Neil Walker Out Martin Maldonado, pitcher Kyle Lohse7.65-8.61
PIT@MILTop 2Tony Sanchez Out Aramis Ramirez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse8.98-8.61
KC@MINBot 2Josmil Pinto Walk, pitcher Jason Vargas10.98-8.61
PIT@MILTop 3Travis Ishikawa Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse13.81-8.61
PIT@MILTop 3Jordy Mercer Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse15.14-8.61
PIT@MILTop 3Charlie Morton Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse17.97-8.61
PIT@MILTop 4Starling Marte Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse16.97-8.61
PIT@MILTop 4Jose Tabata Single, Starling Marte to 3rd, pitcher Kyle Lohse15.97-8.61
PIT@MILTop 4Andrew McCutchen 1-Run Out Carlos Gomez, Starling Marte scores, pitcher Kyle Lohse17.3-8.61
PIT@MILTop 4Pedro Alvarez Out Ryan Braun, pitcher Kyle Lohse18.63-8.61
PIT@MILTop 4Neil Walker Out Carlos Gomez, pitcher Kyle Lohse19.96-8.61
Javy Nice D..
CLE@CWSBot 4Jose Abreu Strikeout, pitcher Corey Kluber19.96-7.61
PIT@MILTop 5Tony Sanchez Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse18.96-7.61
PIT@MILTop 5Travis Ishikawa Out Jean Segura, pitcher Kyle Lohse20.29-7.61
PIT@MILTop 5Charlie Morton Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse23.12-7.61
PIT@MILTop 6Starling Marte Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse25.95-7.61
PIT@MILTop 6Jose Tabata Out Aramis Ramirez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse27.28-7.61
PIT@MILTop 6Andrew McCutchen Out Aramis Ramirez, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse28.61-7.61
Javy Nice D..
CLE@CWSBot 6Jose Abreu Single, pitcher Corey Kluber28.61-9.61
PIT@MILTop 7Pedro Alvarez Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse31.44-9.61
PIT@MILTop 7Neil Walker Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse34.27-9.61
PIT@MILTop 7Tony Sanchez Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse37.1-9.61
KC@MINBot 7Josmil Pinto 2-Run Home Run, Darin Mastroianni scores, pitcher Jason Vargas48.1-9.61
PIT@MILTop 8Travis Ishikawa Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse50.93-9.61
PIT@MILTop 8Jordy Mercer Strikeout, pitcher Kyle Lohse53.76-9.61
PIT@MILTop 8Josh Harrison Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse55.09-9.61
Javy Nice D..
CLE@CWSBot 8Jose Abreu Walk, pitcher Cody Allen55.09-11.61
KC@MINBot 8Josmil Pinto Strikeout, pitcher Wade Davis54.09-11.61
PIT@MILTop 9Starling Marte Out Jean Segura, Lyle Overbay, pitcher Kyle Lohse55.42-11.61
KC@MINTop 9Alex Gordon Strikeout, pitcher Glen Perkins54.42-11.61
Javy Nice D..
CLE@CWSTop 9David Murphy 1-Run Single, Yan Gomes to 2nd, Michael Brantley scores, pitcher Matt Lindstrom54.42-15.61
PIT@MILTop 9Jose Tabata Out Aramis Ramirez, pitcher Kyle Lohse55.75-15.61
PIT@MILTop 9Andrew McCutchen Single, pitcher Kyle Lohse54.75-15.61
CHC@STLTop 1Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Michael Wacha53.75-15.61
CHC@STLTop 6Nate Schierholtz Strikeout, pitcher Michael Wacha52.75-15.61
Javy Nice D..
CHC@STLTop 7Darwin Barney Strikeout, pitcher Kevin Siegrist52.75-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 1Dexter Fowler Out Alex Rios, pitcher Martin Perez54.08-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 1Jose Altuve Out Josh Wilson, Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez55.41-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 1Jesus Guzman Single, pitcher Martin Perez54.41-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 1Chris Carter Out Alex Rios, pitcher Martin Perez55.74-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 2Matt Dominguez Out Martin Perez, Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez57.07-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 2L.J. Hoes Walk, pitcher Martin Perez55.07-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 2Robbie Grossman Out Josh Wilson, Elvis Andrus, Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez56.4-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 3Carlos Corporan Out Kevin Kouzmanoff, Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez57.73-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 3Jonathan Villar Walk, pitcher Martin Perez55.73-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 3Dexter Fowler Strikeout, pitcher Martin Perez58.56-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 4Jose Altuve Out Leonys Martin, pitcher Martin Perez59.89-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 4Jesus Guzman Out Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez61.22-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 4Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Martin Perez64.05-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 5Matt Dominguez Single, pitcher Martin Perez63.05-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 5L.J. Hoes Out Josh Wilson, pitcher Martin Perez64.38-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 5Robbie Grossman Out Martin Perez, pitcher Martin Perez65.71-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 6Carlos Corporan Single, pitcher Martin Perez64.71-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 6Jonathan Villar Out Donnie Murphy, Prince Fielder, Josh Wilson, pitcher Martin Perez66.04-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 6Dexter Fowler Out Donnie Murphy, Prince Fielder, pitcher Martin Perez67.37-14.61
HOU@TEXTop 7Jose Altuve Single, pitcher Martin Perez66.37-14.61