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September 2008

Game2008 HittingFieldingFantasy
Fri 9/5CLE
Sat 9/6CLE
Sun 9/7CLE
Mon 9/8CLE
Tue 9/9CLE
Wed 9/10CLE
Thu 9/11CLE
Fri 9/12CLE
Sat 9/13CLE
Sat 9/13CLE
Sun 9/14CLE
Mon 9/15CLE
Tue 9/16CLE
Wed 9/17CLE
Fri 9/19CLE
Sat 9/20CLE
Sun 9/21CLE
Mon 9/22CLE
Tue 9/23CLE
Wed 9/24CLE
Thu 9/25CLE
Fri 9/26CLE
Sat 9/27CLE
Sun 9/28CLE
Total 14-10000-0000000000.000.0000000.00
Season 0.00
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