Reds017100002 11140
Pirates000010201 471
Final  A. Simon 18, S. Pimentel 9, Z. Cozart 7
Top 2 Skip Schumaker 1-Run Out Gregory Polanco, Devin Mesoraco to 3rd, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez1-0
Top 3 Brandon Phillips 1-Run Double, Joey Votto scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez2-0
Top 3 Skip Schumaker 1-Run Single, Devin Mesoraco to 2nd, Jay Bruce to 3rd, Brandon Phillips scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez3-0
Top 3 Zack Cozart 1-Run Single, Skip Schumaker to 2nd, Devin Mesoraco to 3rd, Jay Bruce scores, pitcher Edinson Volquez4-0
Top 3 Alfredo Simon 1-Run Single, Zack Cozart to 2nd, Skip Schumaker to 3rd, Devin Mesoraco scores, pitcher Stolmy Pimentel5-0
Top 4 Skip Schumaker 1-Run Single, Devin Mesoraco scores, pitcher Stolmy Pimentel6-0
Bot 5 Gregory Polanco 1-Run Single, Pedro Alvarez scores, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-1
Bot 7 Starling Marte 1-Run Out Zack Cozart, Brandon Phillips, Clint Barmes to 3rd, Jordy Mercer scores, pitcher Alfredo Simon6-2
Bot 7 Jose Tabata 1-Run Out Jay Bruce, Clint Barmes scores, pitcher J.J. Hoover6-3
Top 9 Billy Hamilton 1-Run Double, J.J. Hoover to 3rd, Zack Cozart scores, pitcher Travis Snider7-3
Top 9 Todd Frazier 1-Run Out Jordy Mercer, Ike Davis, J.J. Hoover scores, pitcher Travis Snider8-3
Bot 9 Jose Tabata 1-Run Single, Gregory Polanco scores, pitcher J.J. Hoover8-4

 Reds Hitting

PlayerStats Wed 6/18Fantasy
Zack Cozart SS2-40210117
Brandon Phillips 2B2-50110006
Skip Schumaker LF2-40130016
Devin Mesoraco C1-30200116
Billy Hamilton CF3-60030016
Jay Bruce RF1-40200115
Joey Votto 1B1-40100223
Todd Frazier 3B1-60110022

 Reds Pitching

Alfredo Simon SP (W)6.151004.261.2618
J.J. Hoover RP2.210003.381.124

 Pirates Hitting

Gregory Polanco RF2-40110107
Starling Marte LF/CF1-40011105
Jordy Mercer SS1-30100104
Pedro Alvarez 3B1-30100013
Jose Tabata LF1-10020003
Josh Harrison 2B/3B1-40001003
Clint Barmes 2B0-10100002
Travis Snider LF/RF/DH0-10000000
Ike Davis 1B0-40000110
Russell Martin C0-3000001-1
Andrew McCutchen CF0-3000001-1

 Pirates Pitching

Stolmy Pimentel RP4.150002.081.629
Jeanmar Gomez RP1.120000.000.755
Edinson Volquez SP (L)2.1200030.863.86-19