Marlins504001022 14131
Phillies000000020 241
Final  K. Slowey 32, J. Ruggiano 21, A. Hechavarria 17
Top 1 Marcell Ozuna 2-Run Double, Justin Ruggiano to 3rd, Placido Polanco scores, Juan Pierre scores, pitcher Roy Halladay2-0
Top 1 Adeiny Hechavarria 3-Run Triple, Greg Dobbs scores, Marcell Ozuna scores, Justin Ruggiano scores, pitcher Roy Halladay5-0
Top 3 Adeiny Hechavarria 4-Run Grand Slam, Greg Dobbs scores, Marcell Ozuna scores, Justin Ruggiano scores, pitcher Roy Halladay9-0
Top 6 Marcell Ozuna 1-Run Single, Justin Ruggiano to 2nd, Placido Polanco to 3rd, Chris Valaika scores, pitcher Raul Valdes10-0
Top 8 Justin Ruggiano 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Chad Durbin11-0
Top 8 Miguel Olivo 1-Run Out Michael Young, Kevin Frandsen, Marcell Ozuna scores, pitcher Jeremy Horst12-0
Bot 8 Freddy Galvis 1-Run Out Greg Dobbs, A.J. Ramos, Ben Revere scores, pitcher A.J. Ramos12-1
Top 9 Justin Ruggiano 2-Run Home Run, Juan Pierre scores, pitcher Jeremy Horst14-1

 Marlins Hitting

PlayerStats Sun 5/5Fantasy
Justin Ruggiano CF2-324311121
Adeiny Hechavarria SS2-411701017
Marcell Ozuna RF4-503301115
Juan Pierre LF3-50201119
Greg Dobbs 1B1-30200115
Placido Polanco 3B1-50100113
Chris Valaika 2B0-50100011
Matt Diaz LF0-10000000
Miguel Olivo C0-5000002-2

 Marlins Pitching

Kevin Slowey SP (W)771000.000.5732
Jon Rauch RP100000.001.002
A.J. Ramos RP100009.002.00-1

 Phillies Hitting

Ben Revere CF1-10100205
Freddy Galvis SS1-40010003
Carlos Ruiz C0-20100112
Jimmy Rollins SS1-10000001
Kevin Frandsen 2B0-10000000
Laynce Nix RF0-10000000
Michael Young 3B1-40000010
Ryan Howard 1B0-2000001-1
Chase Utley 2B0-3000001-1
Delmon Young RF0-3000001-1
John Mayberry 1B0-2000001-1
Domonic Brown LF0-4000001-1

 Phillies Pitching

Raul Valdes RP3.120002.701.505
Chad Durbin RP1.230005.401.803
Jeremy Horst RP1.2100010.801.80-1
15DRoy Halladay SP (L)2.1400034.713.43-18