FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

With the release of our new design, we are completely phasing out the native iPhone (iOS) app. We now have a brand new mobile interface with all site options.

On your mobile device or tablet, just visit fleaflicker.com. You can even add an icon to your home screen.

As always, we want to hear your feedback. Please e-mail us directly at fleaflicker.com if you have any concerns and we'll help you get started.

TommyWiseau 2 weeks ago

Why is there such a lack of response from the admins on this? We are literally telling you that we will pay for a functional app. There are still ads on mobile that occasionally cover half the screen out of nowhere (looking at you, heating and cooling company). We want the option to give you money for something that we want. Communicate with us. Fleaflicker Edge isn't something most people are interested in, because it's information that can be obtained for free elsewhere. Give us a real reason to throw money your way by supplying us with something that we are asking for.

MachineGunKevin 6 days ago

why do you need an app?

mark_pundurs 5 days ago

See this thread: fleaflicker.com

DirkDengler 2 weeks ago

Completely ridiculous that there is no app. This really is a huge knock on fleaflicker. I mean, it's 2016, my local grocery store has an app.

herickhoff1 3 weeks ago

An App would be better. FleaFlicker would be way better with an app.

DillonJLowery 4 months ago

seriously. we need an app or we have to move our league elsewhere.

MachineGunKevin 6 days ago


MeatTornado 4 months ago

I'd be willing to shell out a couple bucks for the download and i bet a few of my league mates would as well if a good iPhone app were made in time for the season.

modrakv 6 months ago

I hate to beat a dead horse........................but. Can we expect an app for the 2016 season?

mark_pundurs 10 months ago

What would an app do that the mobile site doesn't do?

Jordero 6 days ago

What a dumb question. It's not a case of functionality, its ease of use.

MachineGunKevin 6 days ago

what is so much easier?

JohnDiaz 5 days ago

Mark_pundurs is exactly right with his question, and it is the furthest thing from "dumb". Don't be that guy.

Theboardrider 10 months ago

This seems silly....everyone wants it....the only knock on FF. I've been working on my guys but it's a serious problem....