5 years ago

Tyler Seguin admitted to being rusty when it comes to playing back in North America after the team's Tuesday night scrimmage despite feeling fine in terms of his fitness.

"I felt great in the scrimmage, but thought I played garbage," said Seguin. "I just felt like I was always cheating because of the ice size. I felt like I was always too far ahead of the play. Over [in Switzerland], I still had time to get [the puck] and go. I know it's an adjustment and it looks like it's almost cheating, but I know that I need to go back a bit lower and get more ice. It's just about making the adjustments. I knew it in my head, but I didn't know it was going to creep up like that in a game." The Bruins will host the Rangers on Saturday night, so hopefully Seguin has worked out the kinks. He's expected to be a key offensive figure for Boston this season, especially since he led the team in scoring last year.