5 years ago

Tim Thomas has interest in returning to the NHL in 2013-14.

Thomas would also like to represent Team USA in the 2014 Olympics, but that's complicated. The NHL hasn't committed to playing in the Winter Games yet and Team USA might not take the aging goaltender after he skipped a season. If the NHL doesn't agree to play in the games then you might assume that Thomas would actually have the option of simply not playing in the NHL and joining Team USA as one of the few NHL-caliber players still on the squad, but that might not be the case. While his contract will end this season, the Boston Bruins are suspending him and have the option to toll his contract. In other words, the Bruins can control his rights for the 2013-14 campaign if they wish because he refused to play this season. If he does come back next season, it sounds like his preference is to play in Boston.