5 years ago

The Calgary Flames are quietly looking to build a new arena.

The Flames play out of the Saddledome, an arena that was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics that seems dated after 25 years. They are doing it quietly, unlike their neighbors to the north in Edmonton who are locked in a messy fight with City Council. "Edmonton has a very, very different context, as they need a revitalization in their downtown, which we don't need as much," Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi said. "Before I was elected I told the Flames, 'if you want to have that conversation, I'm willing to have that conversation.' So far, they haven't brought me anything. I'm still waiting for some analysis and an idea of what it is they want. And I have to say even when they've talked to me informally, they've never asked for public money." Stay tuned.