5 years ago

Teemu Selanne can hang up his skates right now if he wants and start the clock toward his inevitable induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame, but the 42-year-old face of the Anaheim Ducks continues to work out and stay as ready as he can because he loves the game and isn't ready to let it go.

The skating drills, however, have long lost their appeal. "Before they officially announced the lockout, we went full-throttle through the practices," Selanne said. "We had 20 guys. And then obviously you could see the body language drop right away. "The hardest thing right now is just to stay motivated for workouts. ... Those drills don't do anything for me." Selanne has seriously considered retirement before, taking several months off after the Ducks' 2007 Stanley Cup title run. The "Finnish Flash" could also play right now and has a spot waiting for him with his hometown Jokerit team in Helsinki. But the winger is filling his days and enjoying them in Anaheim, golfing, and spending time with his family. He insists he is not bored.