5 years ago

Sheldon Souray thinks Teemu Selanne of the Anaheim Ducks and Jaromir Jagr of the Dallas Stars - the NHL's leading active scorers -- are similar.

The Ducks' defenseman marvels at the energy Selanne has every day and says Jagr is "a lot like Teemu is. When you see Teemu's commitment to the game, the way he goes out for every optional skate, the way he just commits himself to the team, it's not a surprise that he's doing it. And Jagr's the exact same on the other side. We come and we see it and everyone is like in awe of what he's doing. ... You just become a little numb to the fact of what (Teemu's) doing and the passion he has for the game - much the same as Jagr at their age." Selanne will be 43 on July 3; Jagr 41 next week. They are next to each other on the career goals list. Jagr's 668 are tied for 10th with Luc Robitaille. Selanne is next in 12th with 666. Jagr is eighth in points.