5 years ago

Ryan Getzlaf isn't planning on finding work in Europe during the lockout.

"I'm at a point now where I have a young boy at home," Getzlaf said. "It's nice to spend time with him and [my wife and] I have another baby due in December. It's kind of at a point where I don't really have the option to go over to Europe right now with my son and one on the way. It's a great time for me to spend time with my family and hope that this thing doesn't last long." Getzlaf has great reasons for wanting to stay in North America. However, from a purely fantasy hockey perspective, it's worth noting that this could put him at a disadvantage should the lockout eat into the season. The players that got to play in Europe are likely to be less rusty than Getzlaf if the 2012-13 campaign starts in November or December.