5 years ago

Quebec-native Jason Pominville is set to return home to participate in a series of charity scrimmages, which begin on Thursday night.

"I'm going to go down and play there and practice there Friday and come back here after and see what it is like next week," said Pominville, who has been skating with a group of teammates at the Northtown Center in Amherst. "Hopefully, we have a good enough group where we can at least get something going where we can play three-on-three half ice or something that like, but who knows?" About half of the Sabres' group will be heading to the AHL to take part in Rochester's training camp, so the other portion of the contingent will need to find some way to pass the time. Pominville isn't interested in leaving his kids behind while he plays overseas, so that option appears to be out for the time being.