5 years ago

Michael Cammalleri doesn't approve of the NHL's tactics in the ongoing CBA negotiations.

"It's disappointing that the approach for Gary and the ownership group has been to make these hard dates and final offers and not budging and on and on," Cammalleri said. "There's no real answer to why except 'We think we can lock you out and your careers are short, and we can shake you down.'" Cammalleri pointed out that "nothing's been offered that benefits the players in any way," which is more or less accurate if you're comparing the most recent offers to the old CBA. The players were getting 57% of hockey-related revenues and now it seems likely that they'll end up with about 50%. The sticking point for the players is that they still want their current contracts honored which is a bit of a subjective argument. Players contracts were tied to HRR in the previous CBA, so as it is players haven't always been getting the amount they signed for. Plus, when they signed, they knew that they'd had to renegotiate when the old CBA expired.