5 years ago

Matt Duchene lashed out after the Colorado Avalanche suffered a 3-0 loss on Wednesday.

"It's painful right now," Duchene said. "It's the same story every night. We're playing well 5-on-5, but we can't seem to find a win in those games. We've got to figure out a way to score a goal. It's the bottom line. We've been shut out three times in 10 games. That's unacceptable. That's almost 50-percent of the games we're getting shut out in. That's a joke. We've got to figure it out here. We've got to bear down more in practice and try to make a few more plays every now and then. We're just knifing the puck in all the time instead of trying to get inside and score a goal." It doesn't help that Colorado is missing Gabriel Landeskog and Steve Downie due to injuries and Ryan O'Reilly is still a restricted free agent.