5 years ago

Jordan Eberle can see the silver lining in the lockout, at least as far as the Edmonton Oilers are concerned.

"I think it's good that we're all playing here," said Eberle. "There's a lot of the core pieces of the Oilers who are here that are going to be able to lead the team in the future. Hopefully getting some more wins and bringing that winning attitude back to Edmonton. Everyone wants the NHL to start, but the best-case scenario is that we're here. Everybody recognizes that." The fact that the Edmonton Oilers' core is largely intact in the AHL is something unique to that team and only possible because of just how young their core is. Obviously though, it still would have been better for Edmonton if there was no lockout, so there young players could get more NHL experience. This lockout also hurts Oilers fans, who are being temporarily denied some of the fruits of their patience.