5 years ago

Jonathan Toews could be looking to play in Europe this season after talks between the NHL and PA broke down on Thursday.

Toews had been hopeful that there would be an agreement leading to a partial season in the NHL, but that seems to be waning. ƒ?oEveryone talks about being optimistic but, really, what is there positive to take from whatƒ?Ts gone on?ƒ?? Toews said Friday. ƒ?oItƒ?Ts unbelievable how hypocritical the leagueƒ?Ts been in saying theyƒ?Tve tried so hard to make an effort to get a deal done when theyƒ?Tve pushed it this far to begin with. It doesnƒ?Tt matter what the players do, how much we sacrifice to make things happen. Itƒ?Ts never been good enough.ƒ?? Toews has been of the faces of the Players Association during the lockout and seems to be one of the most outspoken members.