5 years ago

Johan Franzen wants the Detroit Red Wings to shoot more on the power play and stated that Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk are the main culprits.

Franzen plays in front of the net on the power play and cannot get to rebounds or tip the puck if shots aren't being generated by the rest of the unit. "We need shots; I don't care who's getting them," coach Mike Babcock said. "If you look at our shots total, Z is leading us with 23, Brunner has 22 and, I think, Mule has 15. Pavel doesn't have enough shots, he's right about that. Z's got lots of shots, he shoots the puck every time he gets a chance, which I like to see. I'd like Kronner to have a lot more on the power play, and I'd like to have more shots from inside the dots and not the outside. But when you're the Mule, and you're net-front, you want someone to shoot the puck. Otherwise, you're just standing there, you're wondering what you're doing. You've got dust on you. You don't do anything." We shall see if this causes a commotion in the Detroit dressing room.