5 years ago

Eric Staal and Jordan Staal took to the ice Friday for practice with visors on for the first time in their NHL careers.

They made the decision to change after seeing their brother, Marc Staal of the New York Rangers, get hit by a puck in the right eye on March 5th. "It's a decision that's been brewing for a little while," Eric Staal said. "At this point I just feel like the risk (of injury) isn't worth it right now, because of the injuries I've seen to other people in this organization, family. Sometimes you feel like you're invincible, but as many guys have seen, you're not. Unfortunately injuries can happen. It's just being smarter. As we've seen in the past when anybody has had an eye injury, they put (a visor) on. So why am I going to wait until that happens to me? Why not put one on now?" Marc Staal will also wear a visor when he returns.