5 years ago

Drew Doughty has come into training camp in good shape.

Doughty has had problems in the past coming into camp as he has had difficulty with his weight. But Doughty hired a personal trainer in the off-season and it seems to have made all the difference in the world. "We are all so excited to finally get the season started," Doughty said. "We have all been working hard off the ice. We all feel good and this week is important to get ready for the game. I know we are all going to be ready. We have such a short period of time to get ready that we are sticking to basics and really paying attention to details. Making sure we make those tape-to-tape passes and getting our systems back in our head. We are not trying to kill ourselves physically, but mentally we have to get back in that zone." Doughty came back to have a great playoff so draft him as a top-ten defenseman this season.