5 years ago

David Perron was surprised at how well he played last season after missing 97 games with a concussion.

Perron was out for 13 months after suffering a concussion when hit by Joe Thornton in November 2010 and thought he would need a while to start playing well. "Actually it's funny," Perron said. "When I met with doctors throughout my recovery, there were actually a few who said, 'You'll be surprised when you come back because you might be better than you think you would be because of the time off. Having a long time off, obviously, is not what you want. But your body has never had this much time to recuperate. That will be a positive that comes out of it.' And they were right. I was gladly surprised in that I played a little better than I thought I might last year." Look for Perron to pick up where he left off last season when he had 21 goals and 42 points in 57 games.