5 years ago

David Legwand is "cautiously optimistic" about the state of the CBA negotiations.

"Obviously they're working through kinks, there's going to be stuff that's not going to make either side happy, but that's part of negotiations," Legwand said. "The good thing is they've talked for four days and made groundwork. Stuff has gone back and forth across the table. There is optimism, but I think it's cautiously optimistic now. You don't want to get too high and then there's not going to be a deal done, or something like that happens. I'm cautiously optimistic that something could happen here in the near future and get games in hopefully by Dec. 1." Legwand's statements are not really out of the norm, but it's a sentiment worth sharing in light of the leaked NHLPA memo, which may have dampened some's spirits. Ultimately, while both sides have real areas of disagreement, they are both aware that they're running out of time if they want to save the season. Missing the season means lost revenues for both sides, hence the consistent string of meetings latel