5 years ago

Daniel Sedin opened up about his recent experience with a concussion.

Sedin dealt with a concussion last season. "It seems when you get a few concussions, it's easier to get the third or fourth one," Sedin said. "I don't know if rest really helps or what the deal is with that. I'm happy that I'm back and skating, and that's all I worry about. You notice at times, in the first few practices, that you're kind of hesitant in the corners because you don't want to be blind-sided and not be ready for it. You see the tiniest hit and it cost a guy a full year and you see a big hit and a guy is back in a week. It's a tricky injury and that's why it's so scary. I've had nothing, no symptoms. I took a few weeks off after the season and started training again. You worry about the first few workouts, but everything has been fine. I'm doing the same things that I did before [the concussion] and that was the bottom line." He should be fine to play once the lockout ends.