5 years ago

Dan Hamhuis says that commissioner Gary Bettman 'seems to be on some hidden agenda' with regards to the staring contest the Players' Assocation and the owners find themselves in.

Hamhuis expressed his frustration to The Province's Ben Kuzma, thoroughly disappointed at the unwillingness from the owners to negotiate and believes, like many others, that the owners have a Dec. 1 date in mind for for when to reach an agreement. "When they offered 50-50, we figured it would be one of three things: It was pressure from other owners to put an offer out, an actual legitimate chance of negotiating or just Gary and he's got a date in his head when everything comes back together," Hamhuis said. "He seems to be on some hidden agenda and a day they [owners] can't go past. If that's what it is and we keep conceding, it only makes sense for us to hold out." Hamhuis thinks the owners have to be the next to budge.