QB NE (9)
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Tom Brady completed 24-of-35 passes for 331 yards and three touchdowns in New England's 59-24, Week 11 blowout of the Colts.


Antknee 5 years ago

i almost* benched brady one week for matt cassles. dodged a bullet that week

MattyFresh 5 years ago

dodged embarrassment for being incompetent.

Antknee 5 years ago

cmon now

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

what a bust. dropping him for marcus vick.

thenoobs 5 years ago

Good. Why do I care again?

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

because your parents are dead. they deserved it.

ParkerInc 5 years ago

That's twice you've proved your an idiot oh no three your handle is fn stupid also

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

You have a filthy mouth you little twat.