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Toby Gerhart fumbled three times in the final 3:33 of the Vikings' Week 3 win over the 49ers.

Adrian Peterson racked up 25 carries quickly, so the Vikings wanted to give him a little breather as they iced the game. Gerhart's performance may make them think twice about doing that again. He had just 18 yards on eight carries and was ridiculously careless with the football. There's nothing more than handcuff appeal here.


Fantana 5 years ago

Is this possible? 3 fumbles in the last 3 minutes of a game???? He should be out a job

MaxPotato 5 years ago

Keep him a bit longer. Maybe the trainers can deal with his nerves or recklessness. If he is just reckless, this may just be the thing to open his eyes.

CaryNeumann 5 years ago

He is so slow and not that good. I am a Vikings fan. If I was the Vikings, I would be searching for another backup runningback.

badgasman9 5 years ago

hand cuff. You mean toilet paper. He is a turd.