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Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer cautions that the pre-injury form of Kenny Britt may not be seen until 2013.

"It's going to be a situation where anytime you're away from football for a year, the prudent thing is, 'Hey, it's going to take a year,' " Palmer said. "He's playing well and each day he gets better. Each day he works on something. But is he the Kenny Britt that we had the first three weeks (in 2011)? Not in my opinion." Britt is struggling to be the deep threat and big play receiver that he was prior to tearing his ACL, as he has just one catch over 20 yards in 2012. After missing a year of practices, more reps will be the key for Britt's return to form. He still has high-upside WR2 potential in fantasy for the remainder of the season.


dhinske 5 years ago

I'm pooping

justin_2pac 5 years ago

i am sooo sick of this baby and his garbage...this is professional football. either play or just shutup and sit on the bench!

folletteal 5 years ago

you,ve obviously never had a serious knee injury. they take time to recover from physically and mentally

justin_2pac 5 years ago

im talking about every injury the kid has EVER had, which is pretty much one every 3rd week....he is just fragile and will never make it in this mans league. And for the record i have had a serious knee injury, actually 2 of them. 1 in HS football, one in college so thank you for your concern.

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

Nor have you any clue about this kid's work ethic and the fact that he was practicing in full pads during pre-season with some former Titans players, since he wasn't allowed to be on team property. Not to mention the fact that after scoring a touchdown his first game back, he publicly apologized for having the poorest game of his life, insisting on working harder to reach his full potential. Do yourself a favor and shut your mouth when you have no facts on the matter about which you speak. Oh, and not everyone is A freak of nature like AP. While Torn ACL's cause a lot of pain, it takes more work and more pain to get use a knee without its main ligament. A weekend game of softball will put the average post-scope man out of commission for a couple days. Being a professional athlete certainly allows for faster healing and higher pain threshold, but he's still a human being, you ignorant ass.

rmaxtpmx 5 years ago

Or maybe the more appropriate retort is..."i am soooooo sick of you and your garbage, baby...this is fantasy football. either play or just shutup and sit on the couch!" Better?

tigerdaddo 5 years ago


To both your posts .......