The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin - Week 8 5 years ago

Sandy! As this storm rages all around me, I find myself in a battle of battery power to get a draft of my article submitted. I have an auxiliary power unit powering my wireless internet access. I have a laptop battery that says 30 minutes. It is just like the real mission impossible. So follow along because this is going to be tight.

They Did What?

I am only 33 points in the lead heading into Monday Night Football. I have to hope that the combination of Larry Fitzgerald and David Akers do not combine for 34 points. Can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? To be determined. The real reason for my floundering has been the success that has gotten me to this point.

All of the players on my team have played an active role in the scoring until this week. For example, look here. New England goes for 45 points but Wes Welker leaves with a bum ankle and only gets 10. Roddy White gets six points but the Atlanta Falcons go for 30. Miami goes for 30 points and Reggie Bush participates for only six. And in the final nail, my tight end replacement goes for zero while the Denver Broncos go for 34 points. Oh, the humanity!

The Result Was?

Arizona now cannot play at home and San Francisco appears to be back. This combination stifled Larry Fitzgerald and traded in extra points for field goals. I am now 7-1 and this was an easy week to come through with a loss. Things are now looking up, but I will continue to try to improve at RB and TE. I could go on but I have other fish to fry this week. Everyone else be safe. My diary entry is about chances and power.

Dear Diary

What are the chances? That is what you say every time a big storm comes. Hurricane Sandy rolled into New Jersey, and what resulted was an early dismissal from work. Then the day went by and as I am writing this the wind got progressively worse.

Then, at 7:06 p.m. the lights went out. They didn't even do the come back on and then go back out. They just dropped. I was actually formulating the content of this article when they went. But I can say the article is in and everyone in the targeted areas be safe.

The lights came back on later in the night and I finished the article. It was really late but they came back on.

Fare thee well.

I should really think about that power generator once and for all.

Master D.

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