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The Broncos held Marques Colston in check in Week 8 by matching him up with Champ Bailey on the majority of plays.

Perhaps the hottest receiver in the league entering the game, Colston finished with five catches for 63 yards, and a late-game 14-yard reception came with Bailey on the sideline due to the blowout score. Bailey doesn't always follow opposing No. 1 receivers into the slot, but he did on Sunday Night Football and helped shut down the Saints' offense, which is usually an impossible task.


Ernest_A 5 years ago

Ppr league : Fitz @ GB or Colston v.s. Phi ?

gpw3 5 years ago

I'm a huge Cards fan, but with their terrible o-line and quarterback woes Colston seems the better choice.

Ernest_A 5 years ago


DrDoom511 5 years ago

Champ Bailey still doing it at an elite level.. Amazing.

DonTerminator 5 years ago

Yup. I got Colston and he had a decent game. But I'm still glad to see Champ going strong. Him, Ronde, and Woodson are like the few DB remnants remaining from my childhood that I grew up idolizing.