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Stevan Ridley rushed 13 times for 28 yards and a touchdown in New England's Week 11 rout of the Colts,

He wasn't targeted in the passing game. Ridley could have had a bigger afternoon, but watched Shane Vereen take over in garbage time, which consisted of the entire fourth quarter in New England's 59-24 win. Vereen carried the ball 11 times for 40 yards, vulturing a touchdown in the process. It's an afternoon that will frustrate fantasy owners, but isn't a concern for a player who's piled up 842 yards rushing through 10 games. Ridley will get the Jets' leaky run defense on Thursday, whom he got for 65 yards on 17 carries in Week 7. Expect him to better those numbers on Thanksgiving.


JayTee 5 years ago

You're contradicting yourself FleaFlicker. You say you expect him to better his week 7 outing of 65 yards on 17 carries, yet you have him projected for this week at 51 yards on 15 carries. SMH.

theDANK 5 years ago

multiple writers, multiple opinions.