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Responding to anonymous Jets players ripping Tim Tebow in a New York Daily News article, coach Rex Ryan insisted he's happy Tebow is a Jet, but that "we never brought him on here to be the starting quarterback."

"I absolutely wanted Tim here," Ryan claimed. "His hard work is paying off. I think he is improving fundamentally." That must not appear to be the case in practice, as there would otherwise be no reason for the Jets not to turn to Tebow over an embarrassingly bad Mark Sanchez. Playing his worst football since his rookie year in 2009, Sanchez is sporting a 70.4 QB rating, 6.3 YPA, 10:9 TD:INT ratio and 52.0 completion percentage through nine games. If the Jets aren't willing to turn to Tebow now, it's fair to say his acquisition was little more than a publicity stunt that's spectacularly backfired.


onetothefive 5 years ago

Tebow deserves a lot better than this. The Jets are weak from the Head Coach, GM down. I hope Tebow goes to a team that will appreciate him.

CellarDweller 5 years ago